Publishers Give Free Resources in Support of Pro-Palestine Campus Protests

Publishing houses Verso and Haymarket Books are providing free eBooks and other resources in solidarity with Palestine.

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A map of the Middle East, with Palestine and the surrounding countries outlined in different colored markers.

Across the United States, students at a growing number of colleges ignited powerful anti-war protests, demanding a ceasefire and justice for Palestinians. At Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, and more, thousands of college students and university staff nationwide are protesting and demonstrating, calling for their universities to cut financial ties with Israel and for governments to push for peace in the Middle East. In solidarity, publishers such as Verso and Haymarket Books offer free eBooks and resources to educate on the critical Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

What Readers Can Access

Verso’s free e-books illustrate topics such as sanctions against Israel, the 2011 Occupy Movement, and revolting and resisting. When the conflict began last year, the publishing house curated a list of free resources, including books, interviews, and podcasts. Haymarket’s collection of books includes Light in Gaza, a stunning, poignant anthology of writing by Gazans. Also available to watch is Haymarket’s Until Liberation, a series of discussions about the complex history and politics of a free Palestine.

Book jacket for Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire. A painting of a Palestinian city in bright colors. The sky is bright blue with white puffy clouds, the title hovering above them. Below are orange buildings and a red flower.

Additionally, a collaborative essay collection between Verso and Haymarket, published in December of 2023, is offered, putting together testimonials from those in Gaza and the West Bank, interviews, and essays to help further the understanding of this urgent issue.

Additional Resources

A Palestinian flag flowing in the wind against a bright blue, almost cloudless sky.

A variety of businesses and organizations are and have been providing accessible and accurate information on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. At no cost, Seven Stories Press presents a two-volume, two-decade history of student resistance. In These Times curated an all-encompassing list of digital resources, which includes free access to the Palestinian Museum’s digital archives and more. To take immediate action, readers are suggested to visit Jewish Voice for Peace and The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

Books are fountains of knowledge, aiding us in understanding diverse perspectives and complex experiences. They are a voice for those mistreated and underrepresented and serve as an outlet for freedom of expression. Visit these sites today to demand justice for whole voices must be uplifted.

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