Prank Themed Books for April Fool’s Day! Ready to Laugh?

Get ready for new prank themed book recommendations to have you laughing anywhere you go! Here are a few that come in various genres.

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Having your funny bone tickled is what April Fool’s Day is for. Part of this holiday tradition is pulling jokes and pranks on your family and friends. If you aren’t too keen on the pranks being put on you, maybe there are a few books to read on pranked victims. To celebrate April 1st in all it’s glory, here are prank themed books to make you laugh your socks off!

The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu


Some dark jokes and potential signals go completely wrong and catch up to you. This psychological thriller will have you guessing ‘who done it’.

Remy and Elise are best friends for life, and Remy’s boyfriend Jack makes her happy. Yes, nothing is going wrong for this girl’s high school life. That is until one day everything changes forever. When she sees Jack get shot in the chest, and her best friend pulling the trigger.

With a police investigation happening, Remy decides to take things in her own hands, analyzing the pieces of their lives to get clues. She tries to analyze every joke, tease, or words being said to prove that Elise is innocent.

Don’t Get Caught by Kurt Dinan


Let the prank war begin! Get ready for a group of misfits getting the chance to plot their revenge.

Max receives an untraceable invitation from the epic prank pulling Chaos Club. He wonders how he, an ordinary, not-so-special guy, gets chosen? Suspicious, he goes to the given location, a new water tower, where he meets four other individuals. Suddenly they are caught by security and Max has had enough.

It’s the last straw and time to get his revenge.

As If On Cue by Marisa Kanter


Craving a romantic rivals prank war? Well, we found it! Reid and Natalie never see eye to eye–ever. Now, another reason to butt heads has come up; the school has a low budget for the art and band club. Natalie wants to direct a student play to help plead their case for the art club; however, Reid being in the band, wants to prevent that from happening.

They go back and forth, pulling pranks to slow the other person down, but it all comes at a price. Soon they must compromise and create a musical. But they never had to work together on anything before. Will it be a disaster, or can they finally learn to get along?

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty


This book is a thriller of diary entries, emails, letters and other forms of communication.

The girls from Ashbury High are the center of this story: Emily, Lydia, and Cassie. Each girl has a pen pal from the Pen Pal Project with Brookfield High.

For Lydia and Emily, they have become smitten with Sebastian and Charlie. As for Cassie’s pen pal, they are creepy and sweet in their letters. Matthew is shady and threatening and hides something that Cassie will be shocked to find out. When Charlie wants to seek justice, Brookfield–the entire high school–gets pranked on. They all must work together to figure out who Matthew really is.

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