Popular Mobile Romance Bookshop Rolling Through Charlotte

A romance bookstore on wheels, Trope Bookshop is providing readers with books and a new book club.

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If you’re a fan of unique bookstores, there are plenty of options to keep you occupied while you browse for your next read. One of the trendy ways in which booksellers are reaching readers is through mobile stores. Trope Bookshop is one of the newer mobile bookstores that is making it even easier for readers to find good books to occupy their time. Besides being a great way to buy books, Trope Bookshop provides a community for readers and even has a book club. Read on to learn what makes this bookshop-on-wheels so great.

What’s the Story Behind Trope Bookshop?

It started back in October 2023 when Trope Bookshop did its first popup in Belmont. The small book bus, run by Katie Mitchell, bought the bus and refurbished it. Since she wasn’t able to afford retail space when she first had the dream for her bookstore, buying and remodeling a bus proved more affordable. And it’s a much more unique option. Her pandemic reading habits created a whole new opportunity for her work and for readers.

Books with flowers between pages.

She repainted the bus a dark green, creating the shop’s affectionate name, The Green Girl. Besides getting a cute nickname, the bookshop specializes in selling romance books. As one of the most popular genres among readers, Mitchell’s choice to stay focused on the genre provides readers with the perfect opportunity to get their romance fix.

What Else Does the Trope Bookshop Offer?

Besides selling books, Trope Bookshop offers other opportunities for readers to connect. Mitchell also hosts the Smutty Book Club, which meets every second Thursday of the month. Similar to the bookshop, her book club focuses on reading various romance novels. All of the information for her book club and her bookshop is kept on Instagram, where updates about where the bookstore will make an appearance and reminders about what various readings are for the book club are posted.

Mitchell’s bookstore promotes all types of romance novels and pops up at different locations in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have three to four popups a week and consistently post on social media where they’re going to be. Mitchell puts a lot of effort into making her bookshop accessible.

People reading books outside.

When she’s not selling books or running her book club, Mitchell also offers sprayed edges sets for Sarah J. Maas novels through her website. So not only can you buy new books from her mobile bookstore, but you can also buy unique custom-sprayed edges to modify some of your favorite books.

Seeing more mobile bookstores and creative ways to sell books opens up more opportunities for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s always a great idea to support indie bookstores and similar smaller popups, so if you find one coming through your area, take a peek and find your next read.

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