Popular Manga Hits The Stage

Big things are in store for the musical manga Ya Boy Kongming! Read on to find out what’s happening with the adaptation!

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2024 continues to bring exciting news of adaptations, this time in Japan!

Last week, Crunchy Roll announced that the popular manga Ya Boy Kongming! is hitting the stage. Ya Boy Kongming! centers on Zhuge Kongming, a Chinese military strategist transported from ancient China to modern-day Shibuya, Tokyo. He uses military tactics to transform his new friend into a music star.

Stage Play Adaptation

The upcoming stage play is the third adaptation of the series. There has also been anime, consisting of 12 episodes, and a live-action TV series that also has 12 episodes. Big things seem in store for this series, as 2024 also promises an anime film titled Ya Boy Kongming! Road to Summer Sonia, landing in Japanese theaters on March 1st, 2024. 

Based on True Events

Although a musical comedy, Ya Boy Kongming! is based on a real figure from China’s history. Zhuge Kongming is another name for Zhuge Liang, a statesman, strategist, and engineer who served as the Imperial Chancellor of Shu Han. Zhuge Liang passed in 234 AD, which is where the manga begins. Instead of dying, in Ya Boy Kongming! Zhuge Kongming makes a wish on his deathbed for a more peaceful afterlife, and he is reborn in his youth in modern-day Japan on Halloween.

Cover for volume one of "Ya Boy Kongming!" anime.

Written by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryō Ogawa, the manga was serialized on the Comic Days website, presently runs in Weekly Young Magazine, and currently has 12 volumes. The upcoming play will run at Tokyo’s Galaxy Theater from May 3rd to May 6th, 2024, and Osaka’s Sankei Hall Breeze from May 10th to May 11th, 2024.

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