Perfect ‘Peanuts’: Celebrating Charles Schulz’s Iconic Comic

72 years today, Charles Schulz released one of the most notable comic strips, ‘Peanuts.’ Celebrate with us by looking back at his most loveable characters.

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Two boys standing next to one another. From Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Whenever I think of Peanuts, the nostalgia of trick-or-treating and Christmas time rushes over me. Many of us grew up watching the holiday showings of Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but the history of the adored Peanuts cartoon spans much longer than the seasonal specials.

From 1950, until his death in 2000, Charles Schulz was a dedicated comic, creating one of the longest-running comic strips in American history. Primarily published in newspapers, the public fell in love with the rambunctious bunch of Peanuts characters. With nearly 18,000 strips published, Schulz struck gold. Soon enough, the comic was being translated into 21 languages, running in over 2,600 newspapers, and introduced in 75 countries.

Charles Schulz smiling over a sketch of the cartoon character, Charlie Brow from his comic, Peanuts.

The popularity of Schulz’s characters will never go away. People will continue to huddle around their TVs to watch Charlie Brown and his friends save their Thanksgiving dinner, ice skate over a frozen pond, and sing carols around a tiny Christmas tree. To honor Schulz’s creativity and hard work, let’s look back at some fan-favorite characters of the influential comic.

Charlie Brown

Boy in a yellow shirt standing, with a plain expression on his face from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

There’s no Peanuts without the one and only, Charlie Brown. Awkward, sensitive, and nervous most of the time, Charlie Brown reminds us it’s good to feel our emotions. He carried the torch of self-deprecating humor. Even though we see him mess up over and over again, Charlie Brown reminds us all that failing is okay, even necessary. The thing that matters the most is getting up and trying again.

Linus Van Pelt

Boy in a red shirt sucking his thumb while holding a blue blanket from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

With a baby blanket in tow at all times, Linus is the voice of reason for his best friend, Charlie Brown. When everyone else is freaking out, you can always count on Linus to speak some words of wisdom. Intellectual and respectful, I think we can agree that we all want a friend like Linus. Even though he may go on tangents about his introspective philosophies, he’s still the character that we turn to when times are tough.

Lucy Van Pelt

Girl with black hair and blue dress shouting, while waving her arms above her head from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

As the big sister of Linus, Lucy has a lot on her plate. While the other characters might describe her as bossy, crabby, and controlling, Lucy just wants things to be perfect for her friends. For five cents, she’ll even give advice from her psychiatric booth. Lucy’s strong and confident demeanor seems as steady as stone. That is until you put her in a room with Schroeder. But overall, Lucy is the type of friend you want standing by your side for some extra backup.


Blond boy, sitting on the floor in a blue striped shirt, while playing a red piano from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

While Lucy may be in love with the young musical prodigy, Schroeder, the only person on his mind is Beethoven. As everyone talks about their problems or dreams, you’ll always find Schroeder tickling the ivories of his red, toy piano. Just don’t talk to him while he’s playing. The one thing that he cannot stand, is people interrupting him during his piano practice.

Sally Brown

Blonde girl wearing a pink dress with small black polka dots from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

As the younger sister of Charlie Brown, Sally has a way of challenging almost everything. Inquisitive and sometimes annoying, Sally likes to ask important questions in life. Why does she have to go to school? Why do we eat dinner first? Sally also has a way with words, putting puns into her daily vocabulary. The only person who she can’t seem to charm is her crush, Linus. But no worries there, Sally knows that she can always go to her big brother for help.


A young boy in brown overalls and shoes, covered in dirt and dust from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Even though Pigpen likes to walk around in his own dust and dirt cloud, his self-confidence is through the roof. Pigpen deals with a lot of judgment due to his appearance, but that doesn’t deter him in the least. As people make fun of him for his lack of cleanliness, he still likes to be the bigger person, and help his friends in whatever way he can. Just don’t bring up showers or baths around him.

Peppermint Patty

Girl with short brown hair, wearing a green shirt, holding a football from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Tomboyish in nature, Peppermint Patty has a mind of her own. Booming with confidence, and a talent for anything athletic, she is the person you would pick first in gym class. Outside of athletics, Patty struggles with homework and tries to overcome her sensitive nature. However, she always remains loyal and kind to the people that matter in her life, giving cute nicknames to the ones she likes the most.


Young boy in orange coat and blue pants from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Making his first appearance in Peanuts in July of 1968, Franklin is a character near-and-dear to us. He’s the overachiever of the group. Involved with sports, academics, and many after-school activities, Franklin reminds us of the freedom that childhood brings. While he may find some of his friends a little odd, he’s always there for them and isn’t afraid to join in on their mischievous outings.


Little girl with a short black hair, wearing an orange shirt, glasses, and white shoes from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

The mysterious Marcie is no stranger to the activities of the Peanuts crew. Best friends with Peppermint Patty, Marcie is the exact opposite of her companion, but that only makes the two of them click more. Booksmart, perceptive, and insightful, Marcie plays a pivotal role in the group, ensuring that no one is left behind. Although, she doesn’t mind being on the sidelines when it comes to a game of football.


Small yellow cartoon bird from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Communicating in little chirps, Woodstock is the loveable yellow bird that plays a key role in all of Snoopy’s escapades. The flightless bird is always up for whatever adventures may come his way, and he is the epitome of a “go with the flow” mentality. Small, but mighty, Woodstock is the animal companion that we all wish to have on our shoulders.


Cartoon dog with black ears and a red collar from Charles Schulz's comic, Peanuts.

Last, but certainly not least, is the iconic Snoopy. Next to Charlie Brown, Snoopy is the character that we think of whenever someone brings up Peanuts. Known for facing off in the “sky” against Red Barron, the beloved beagle makes us all laugh with the inconceivable hijinks he comes up with his best friend, Woodstock. Childlike and selfish, we can always count on Snoopy to make us laugh after a hard day.

No matter what chapter of life you’re living through, if you ever need a rush of nostalgia for simpler times, Peanuts has you covered. Once the holiday season comes around, I know I’ll be sitting with my TV, watching the infamous Charlie Brown specials. Will you?

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