Pageboy Productions Takes on Exciting Adaptation of The Darkness Outside Us

Breaking news! Another book is set to be adapted for screen! Read on to learn what we know about the upcoming feature.

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Against a black and blue space background, the book jacket for Eliot Schrefer's The Darkness Outside Us is framed by simple, wavy line graphics of movie roll.

PAGEBOY Productions, founded in 2021 and headed by renowned actor Elliot Page, announced plans to adapt Eliot Schrefer’s The Darkness Outside Us. Initially published in 2021, Page and partners Matt Jordan Smith and Tuck Dowrey excitingly bought the rights to the stunning young-adult book. Both PAGEBOY Productions and Schrefer have expressed great expectations from the forthcoming adaptation.

What We Know

The award-winning novel is a science fiction, enemies-to-lovers story following Ambrose and Kodiak on a rescue space mission. Through this tumultuous mission, the two young men learn to trust each other, discovering that love is the key to survival. A story for fans of They Both Die at the End, Page, Jordan Smith, and Dowrey stated they are proud to turn this thrilling, revolutionary tale of love and humanity into a big-screen production.

Book jacket for Eliot Schrefer's The Darkness Outside Us. Two young men stare at each other in front of the window of a spaceship, drawn in pinks, purples, and blues. The shorter of the two men is wearing a white tank top. The other man is wearing a spacesuit and has long, straight hair and a beard.

Author Eliot Schrefer said that PAGEBOY is the perfect company to tackle The Darkness Outside Us. Schrefer is honored to have the up-and-coming, fresh, motivated talents of the PAGEBOY team and is looking forward to their unique twists on the book’s visualization. Further, in addition to the adaptation, a sequel to the book, The Brightness Between Us, is set to be published this October, so fans, be on the lookout!

Book jacket for Eliot Schrefer's The Brightness Outside Us. On a spaceship, two men smile and stare at each other. The shorter of the two men is wearing a tank top, and the other one is wearing  a spacesuit. Standing in front of the window of the spaceship, there are a younger man and woman outside, both in spacesuits without helmets.

It is always exciting for book lovers to get their favorite reads adapted into a show or movie, and diverse stories such as this deserve to be celebrated. As PAGEBOY Productions ready the stage for The Darkness Outside Us, keep an eye out for any new developments!

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