‘Night Owls & Summer Skies’ Brings Readers a Camp Romance

Want a summer camp love Webtoon for February? ‘Night Owls & Summer Skies’ gives you an adorable LGBTQ romance about finding solace in new friends and potential love.

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February means romance is in the air, so for this Webtoon recommendation, I’m giving you sweet romance with a summer feel. Night Owls & Summer Skies is written by Rebecca Sullivan, with art done by TIKKLIL. This Webtoon is a summery camping romance to get you into the outdoorsy spirit while having your heart melt this February.

Night Owls & Summer Skies Plot


Emma Lane isn’t the ‘outsider’ type. She puts on a tough front as her mother dumps her at Camp Mapplewood for the summer. Emma’s plan is to get kicked out as soon as possible. However, she draws the attention of Vivian Black, a gorgeous camp counselor assistant. This new interaction brings up a strange feeling in Emma’s chest— will Emma be discovering love this summer at Mapplewood?

Meet the Campers

Emma Lane

illustration of Emma Lane in Night Owls & Summer Skies webtoon

Emma used to enjoy camping, but ever since her parent’s divorce she’s built a hard exterior. Not to mention, her mother seems to be uncomfortable acknowledging she is a lesbian. With no friends and no closeness with others, she’s isolated herself and sends letters to an old camp friend, Jessie. But when her mother decides to bring her back to that camp she used to enjoy going to years ago, Camp Mapplewood, she’s determined to escape no matter what. If only the cute counselor, Vivian, would stop making her heart beat so fast.


illustration of Jessie in Night Owls & Summer Skies webtoon

Jessie is Emma’s old camp buddy who’s been continuously sending letters to Emma. Meeting Emma after all these years, Jessie wants to introduce her to a new circle of friends and try to bring Emma out of her shell. However, Emma is rebellious and doesn’t seem interested. Will she get out of her head about her parent’s divorce and loosen up?

Vivian Black

illustration of Vivian Black in Night Owls & Summer Skies webtoon

Vivian Black is a camp counselor assistant at Camp Mapplewood to her older brother Walter. She’s excited about the experience and getting the hang of things in her family’s summer camp business. However, with Emma’s arrival and her reluctance to participate in activities and stay out of trouble, Vivian is concerned… and intrigued. It seems Emma has something going on, but Vivian isn’t sure what. Despite Emma’s desire to leave camp, she seems to be getting along with Vivian’s younger sister and is slowly getting involved with camp activities without even being aware of it.

Gwen Black

illustration of Gwen Black in Night Owls & Summer Skies webtoon

“Just one more year,” is what Gwen says in her head these days. Being bullied in school and now by the same group at her family’s camp isn’t ideal. She doesn’t want her siblings to protect her— she’s determined to make it through on her own. When Emma suddenly starts talking to her, she’s curious. She finally has a new potential friend. When Emma defends her and starts to talk to her, she is excited beyond measure. Maybe being at Camp Mapplewood won’t be so hard this summer…

Walter Black

illustration of Walter Black in Night Owls & Summer Skies webtoon

Walter has been a volunteer counselor most of his life. He went to college for a short time, but under mysterious circumstances, he left. Now he’s a full-time counselor at Camp Mapplewood. He enjoys the summers and gets along well with new and old campers. When he starts having a crush on one of the new counselors, his sisters Vivian and Gwen encourage him to go for it. However, his being insecure and stern is a new side they have never seen before. What happened at college, and why is he covering up the past with his super goofy and carefree attitude?

Find out the mystery surrounding Walter and much more in Night Owls & Summer Skies!

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