New Musical Adaptation of The Notebook Premieres on Broadway

The musical adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s bestseller has opened its doors to Broadway audiences. Read on for more details!

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Book cover of The Notebook is at the center of a stage with red curtains pulled back.

From the book to the screen and now the stage — The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is making its Broadway debut! With the 20th anniversary of the movie on the horizon, The Notebook continues to captivate audiences with its portrayal of love, grief, and the journey of life. As previews of the musical have finished, The Notebook Musical is ready to bring the story to life on center stage.

Finding the Music

Author Nicholas Sparks worked with the producers of the musical to find the right sound of the story. Upon listening to Ingrid Michaelson, Sparks believed that her music and writing captured the storytelling in a new way. Now having multiple movies and now musical adaptations, Sparks shows great appreciation for all the different mediums, and how they function differently from one another.

He explains,

A novel is a story told with words. A film is a story told with pictures. A musical is a living, breathing version of the story told with song and dance.

via Time Magazine

Ingrid Michaelson created the music and lyrics for the musical and while we don’t have complete access to the soundtrack, we can get a feel for the musical with If This Is Love.

Before Broadway

If we travel back in time to 2022, we’ll see The Notebook Musical hitting the stage for the first at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. From September to October, they showcased a new side to The Notebook to a Chicago audience. But this project goes even further back as Ingrid Michaelson initially had a call for the music back in 2017, and the initial performances were to be shown in 2020.

Since the story follows an entire lifetime, there are three sets of actors playing younger, middle, and older Allie and Noah. With this, many of the original creative team members from the Chicago run are working on this Broadway debut.

As The Notebook has its Broadway run, we’re excited to hear the songs that follow Allie and Noah’s life together. The show opened on March 14, 2024, so grab your tickets here!

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