New Book-To-Screen Adaptations Boost Spotify Audiobooks’ Popularity

Read on to learn how the newest book adaptations have transformed the success of streamed audiobooks on Spotify.

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As so much of the media that people consume every day has transferred over to various streaming services, it’s no surprise that these various platforms are bound to intersect in some way, especially when it comes to vying for the eyes and ears of watchers and listeners. With similar goals, in a way, there is also shared success. With highly anticipated book adaptations on screen, people have been looking for other ways to get to the source material. Such is the case with new shows and the exponential growth of audiobook listeners on Spotify.

Before the Hype Dies Out

While there are certainly streamed shows that release episodes weekly, most episodes are often completely released on the premiere day, almost giving a time-sensitive aspect to watchers, leading to binge-watching. With all the talk about characters and hopes for the next season, Spotify gets a huge win from their newly implemented audiobooks, as people want to learn more and ultimately join a larger conversation about the stories.

With the likes of the adaptations of Shōgun and 3 Body Problem, Spotify’s audiobooks have garnered a staggering growth of 470%, and with those numbers, it’ll be interesting to see what else they have in store for listeners.

Spotify’s Goals

Since the implementation of an audiobook access expansion to Premium subscribers last year, Spotify has given users 15 hours of listening per month while offering around 70% of bestselling books from major and indie publishing houses. Their goals were laid out from the start:

We believe that offering personalized music, podcasts, and audiobooks on a single platform gives you a superior way to connect with your favorite artists, podcasters, creators, and authors—all in one spot. Not only can you listen to some of your favorite authors’ works, but you can also tune into podcasts where fans dissect the most minor details of a story and find the hidden meaning in every sentence, without leaving the app.


While there are still audiobooks not included in the subscription and require payment, Spotify certainly markets ease, especially for members who are already invested in keeping their subscriptions.

With this multipurpose approach to the app, we’ll be on the lookout to see how Spotify will utilize and expand its audiobook offers over time.

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