Netflix’s ‘Human Resources’ Fan? Five Book Recommendations To Read

If you enjoyed the hilarious over the top moments ‘Human Resources’, you will enjoy these five book recommendations that share the same vibe.

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Have you been sitting on your couch binge watching series after series and need something new? Were you craving an animated comedy that’s new and relateable for young adults and adults? On March 18, Netflix released the perfect show just for you.


Everyone has a key role in the human race, especially those young adults, adults, and puberty-induced teenagers. This hilarious sex crazed spin-off Big Mouth series, Human Resources, can be the one show you have watched. You choked on spit from observing the hormone-infested monsters from Big Mouth and their daily lives at the office, along with other creatures. However, the core represents sex-positivity, talking about sex, puberty, and going through the motions of feelings and emotions.

For those who enjoy Big Mouth and Human Resources, here are five books I recommend you read.

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty


When it comes to sex this book makes it known that the narrator has that one topic in mind. Like, Human Resources, sex is the main agenda in the office.

This is the first book from a five-book series. When Jessica Darling’s best friend Hope Weaver is moving, Jessica is now alone at school and is somewhat neglected at home. Now she must face her dad’s obsession with her track meets, boys, crazy girls, shopping and lack of a love life. This comedy-drama focuses on the teenage experience. The narration is hilarious and shows how much Jessica thinks about sex nonstop. This book shows that lust is a normal thing that isn’t to be ashamed of.

All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry


The first book of the trilogy is seductive and has mythical themes. It also mentions female masturbation, which is a plus for those female readers who enjoy a bit of a sexy validating scene. Mastrubation and lust are key components we see throughout the Netflix spin-off.

Two best friends that are like sisters, growing up together. The narrator is nameless and the other best friend is Aurora. However, things change when a musician named Jack shows up in the picture. His music is alluring and magical, but maybe more real than they thought.

The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti


This novel showcases anxiety and panic disorder. Human Resources fans are aware of the anxiety mosquito and the depression kitty; and how these medical instances can play a part in people’s lives and affect their sexual side.

Jade has a panic disorder and watching elephants are the only thing that calms her down. She has the zoo webcam at home, so she can watch the elephants which makes her feel calm. One day, she sees someone gazing at the elephants too, with a boy in their arms. Turns out single father Sebastian is who she saw on the webcam. Jade gets to know Sebastian and his grandmother, and soon she ends up falling for him. But Sebastian has a past and secrets that may creep to the surface.

Lost It by Kristen Tracy


Just like in Big Mouth, the new series shows how many teens think losing their virginity is a priority.

High school junior Tess is afraid to be a virgin for the rest of her life. She doesn’t want to wait till marriage. When she finds love for the first time, with a new boyfriend, she has sex. And it’s not a magical revelation because afterward there is no crazy change. The book follows the heart-wrenching downfall of a new sexual experience and heartbreak. Plus, Tess has a hilarious take on her teenage experience.

Sex and the Single Panda: The Revolting Pursuit of Love in the Animal Kingdom by Dahlia Gallin Ramirez


This hilarious illustration shows the absurdities of courtship with various animals. It’s images are factual yet gross and informative about the mating of animals. The layout is of various dating profiles, listing the mating habits of all bachelors and bachelorettes. This educational perverse book is R-rated and a fun read.

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