Netflix Scraps Adaptations of The Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicle series, while very popular, will no longer be adapted into films by Netflix. Read on to learn more about this series and what happened.

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Kane Chronicles series book covers, (from left to right) "The Red Pyramid," "The Throne of Fire," and "The Serpent's Shadow."

The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan has a massive fanbase that was looking forward to seeing their beloved series be brought to life on screen. However, it does not look like they will see those stories on screen any time soon. While Netflix was originally planning on turning the books into a series of films, it was recently announced that Netflix has stopped their planning and the adaptations will not be happening. Scripts were already in development when the plug was pulled. The books are being shopped around for a different production company to take the reins, but that new development would not happen for a while, which is disappointing news for the many excited fans.

What Happened to the Adaptations?

Riordan revealed the disappointing news on the popular book website Goodreads. Riordan told a fan, “Right now, Kane Chronicles is in ‘turnaround,’ which means Netflix has decided not to move forward and their option has lapsed after trying for two years to develop a script they liked. Now it depends on whether another studio would like to step in, assume the preproduction costs, and move forward,” he explained, “This is not at all unusual. It happens, I would guess, with the majority of film projects. Also, the streaming industry as a whole is shrinking its development slate right now, meaning they are canceling more content and making less content. Kane got caught in that trend, despite the strong success of Percy TV.”  This news indicates that while there is no direction for the moment, Netflix no longer has the rights, so The Kane Chronicles movies could have a life elsewhere.

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The plans for these adaptations were originally revealed in 2020 by Riordan on social media. Up until now, it looked like the series was moving forward. In 2022, it was announced that writer Diandra Pendleton-Thompson was writing the script for the first film. Pendleton-Thompson was previously a staff writer for the Star Trek: Prodigy series. There had not been news either way since then, likely due to Riordan’s Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus taking focus. The next step for The Kane Chronicles is unknown, but Riordan will likely update fans as soon as there is news.

What are The Kane Chronicles About?

The book series takes place in the same world as some of the other popular series by Riordan, the Camp Half-Blood books, and the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. These books are based on Ancient Egyptian mythology, which continues Riordan’s trend of writing stories that connect to the ones in various ancient mythologies. The Kane Chronicles follows Sadie and Carter Kane, siblings who have recently discovered that they are magical beings that have descended from the great pharaohs Ramses the Great and Narmer. Early on, they become hosts of the gods Horus and Isis, which upsets the Egyptian magician governing body. Carter and Sadie have to prove they have no evil intent with their new-found powers. As the series goes on, they battle Apophis, the god of chaos, who is out for trouble. Carter and Sadie have made it their mission to use their powers not only to save their friends but to save humanity.

"The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid" book cover with two young people standing in front of a tall wooden arced structure with a stature on top and a pyramid in the back with a red background.

There are three books in the series, The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent’s Shadow. All of the novels were very well-received upon their release, partially due to Riordan already having a strong following. Each of these novels also has their own graphic novel adaptation, for all of the people who wanted to see the imagery of their favorite stories. Their also novels that serve as crossovers between this series and the Camp Half-Blood series, which is the Demigods and Magicians trilogy. Based on everything that has been made for this series, it is clear that these books are quite popular.

Rick Riordan’s Work

Author Rick Riordan sitting down and signing a poster for a woman at a meet and greet.

Riordan has really built a name for himself in the young adult fantasy genre. His novels often work with ancient mythology because he used to be a social studies teacher, so he knew a lot of the history involved in these mythologies. He is most known for writing the Percy Jackson books, about a boy who finds out he is the son of Poseidon. These novels are bestsellers with a devoted following that had film adaptations of their own. Unfortunately, Riordan was not involved in these adaptations and they ended up being flops. Thankfully, he was involved in the recent television adaptations, which are doing fairly well. He also wrote Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, which focuses on Norse mythology. Other series of his include The 39 Clues, The Trials of Apollo, and Tres Navarre. Even though The Kane Chronicles adaptation will not be happening soon, Riordan still has loyal fans sticking by him.

Netflix has gained a reputation for being quick on canceling popular series. In this case, the cancellation came before the films even premiered. Since Riordan has recently worked with Disney Plus, perhaps they could take on the project. Any news will likely take a while to come to fruition, especially if it is a multi-movie deal. All fans can do now is wait with bated breath for news on what happens next.

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