Neither Snow Nor Rain Can Keep Us From Reading

What is one of the best things about books? Well, in addition to the fact that they transport us into other worlds and help us forget our problems and responsibilities, the best thing about books is that they can be read anywhere, at any time.

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Here are the three reasons why books are able to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you feel like it!


While there are many places in public where you might be frowned upon for watching a movie on your phone or playing a video game, reading a book makes you look intellectual, or even mysterious. Whether you are at a baseball game, an amusement park, a music festival, or even a wedding (ok, actually DON’T try that one…save it for the reception) reading a book is completely acceptable. And don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise!



Depending on the size of your book, they are often quite portable and able to be easily brought along with you, wherever you go. If you are someone who always carries a purse or a tote back around with you, then you already know the joy of never having to be parted from your current read. If you don’t carry either of those things, then I suggest…investing in some bigger pockets maybe? Or buy some Penguin Minis– they’re favorite books, but in mini form! From the classics, to John Green, there are many minis to be discovered and enjoyed.



Thanks to a lovely little invention called “Online Shopping” we are able to purchase books from anywhere, and have them shipped to us, all at the touch of our fingertips. You don’t even have to leave your driveway to to pick up your next read (thank you U.S. Postal Service workers!) and this especially comes in handy during rainy days or snow days.

Books are even more accessible since they are found not only in book stores and libraries, but also in supermarkets, drugstores, and more. Whether you are more of a “order books online” kind of person, or a “go out and buy them myself” kind of person, books have never been more easy to get your hands on.


I hope you’ll agree that being able to read books anywhere, no matter the occasion or location, is a big part of what makes them so amazing.

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