‘My Lovely Bodyguard’: Romance Meets Traumatic Family Mystery

In a romance filled with family drama and dark secrets, ‘My Lovely Bodyguard’ about Sarah who unexpectedly saves Jaemin and wants to be his bodyguard.

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What if one act leads to extreme changes and possibly a consequence? In a Webtoon based on a deep family mystery, an unexpected romance leads to exposing family secrets. My Lovely Bodyguard is a slow burn on love, but also unravels the dark past of potential lovers. Written by Daisy with art created by Nata, this comic updates every Monday.

My Lovely Bodyguard: Plot

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During her flight back to Seoul, Sarah saves a K-Pop star from a violent attack. Little did she know, an intervention would uncover deep family secrets. With the incident going viral, she gets the determination to use those skills and help people. When she gets the opportunity to see the celebrity again, she wants to learn how to protect him.

Meet the Characters

Sarah Park


Sarah has always been treated like an outsider due to her background as half Korean and French. Although school life was difficult, she had two older brothers, Minho and Yongsun, to help her through it. At a very young age, her parents died and she survived. She is intelligent, knows self-defense skills, and very friendly. She visited her grandmother in France and is now heading back to Seoul for a year. On her flight, someone threatens to harm a passenger and she takes the perpetrator down on her instincts. She soon becomes viral and realizes she saved a K-pop celebrity. Her passion is to help people leads her to become a bodyguard.

Minho Park


Minho is a prosecutor for a renowned law firm. He is very protective when it comes to his siblings, especially Sarah. Ever since the incident when Sarah was a child, he has hoped to seek justice. Now that the killer is gone, he can focus on keeping his family happy and safe. Even though Sarah is independent and can take care of herself, he sometimes can’t help but treat her like a child. However, when she meets the family of the celebrity she saved, she is suddenly determined to be his bodyguard. Minho isn’t thrilled about the idea, but wants her chaperoned and to focus on her studies.

Yongsun Park


Yongsun is the middle sibling and a police officer in Seoul. He is short-tempered versus his older brother who can be stoic during high-pressure situations. He doesn’t forgive Sarah right away for her reckless actions on the plane, but forgives her soon enough. Yongsun’s love and protectiveness are just as strong as Minho’s. He feels that it’s his fault the incident occurred, he wishes he could change the past and be able to protect his sister. However, now he is seeking justice in all areas of Seoul. He has a romance with Sarah’s friend Jin and is taking each day as a blessing. What will happen when he discovers the killer from years ago is alive and trying to finish what they started years ago?

Jaemin Kang


Jaemin is a famolus K-Pop star who sings his heart out for his fans. He expects everyone to know who he is, which is why it strikes him as odd when the passenger next to him doesn’t want his autograph. However, things take a dangerous turn when an obsessed fan puts a knife to his throat. All of a sudden, the mystery woman takes down the perpetrator in one go. He’s admirable and grateful ever since. When things go viral, he wants to apologize and make things right. With his uncle’s help he is able to find his savior and invite her over to properly thank her.

Although he’s a popular celebrity in the world, at home he is the ‘disgraceful’ son. With his father being the prime minister of Seoul, all he cares about is how the incident affected the family’s reputation. His cruel stepmother wants him to disappear. The only three people who are on his side are his uncle, stepbrother Yongjae, and cousin Nayeon. When Sarah talks to him during the meeting, she believes he has been the answer to her future, she wants to be his bodyguard. Jaemin may be thrilled, but will he be able to trust her?



Yongjae is the ‘acceptable’ son. He is kind and doesn’t disrespect his mother who married the prime minister. He comes from a wealthy family, yet he doesn’t act spoiled and always encourages his older stepbrother’s career. Yongjae dabbles in music and goes to the music store where his friend, Jin, has a piano. He soon meets Sarah who takes an interest in the piano and asks if he could teach her. Right away they got along and he finally has a new friend. When he discovers that Sarah was the woman who saved his brother he is grateful.



Nayeon is Jaemin and Yongjae’s cousin. She still is a bit of a mystery. What we know so far is she has a job and her ‘natural’ or dyed hair is white which she loves. She doesn’t get along well with Jaemin’s father or stepmother because they disapprove of her choices, specifically her hair. She is strong and can go past the hurtful comments, but will defend her cousins when the opportunity strikes. Upon meeting Sarah, she already enjoyed the girl’s compassion and kindness, something that is lacking in this house. One bright side of this meeting was being able to see Prosecutor Minho– the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Now that Sarah has decided to guard Jaemin, she hopes to see more of Minho.



Jin is a laid-back and sly guy who loves to tease his friends. He owns a music store and is passionate about providing equipment and lessons to new customers. He has been close friends with Sarah for a long time, even though his older brother is protective of her when he’s around. Even though he is dating Yongsun Park, he still can’t help but be flirtatious with him. Jin loves to tease his brother Taeyang about his crush on Sarah.



Taeyang is rough around the edges and a little shy. However, he can’t help it when Sarah is around. He’s had a crush on her for a very long time and his brother Jin teases him about it constantly. He helps around the music store every so often and is determined to get closer to Sarah.



Jay is Minho, Yongsun, and Sarah’s uncle. Sarah hasn’t properly met him yet. He is the leader of the Takeda gang. He fights, kills, and does criminal activity for the sake of the Takeda. His family has no idea he does this. Even though he seems cruel, he cares very much for his family and has wanted to seek revenge against the killer who took away his brother and sister-in-law. When he finds out from his nephews that the killer is back and Sarah wants to be a bodyguard, he sets off to Seoul in hopes to meet his niece and extract revenge.

If you are prepared to unravel some family secrets and drama from Sarah and Jaemin’s lives, be prepared for an action packed mystery and romance.

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