Mother Faces Jail Time Over Overdue Library Book

A Texas mother found herself with a warrant for an overdue library book after trying to renew her license.

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Featured image with a judge swinging their gavel because of an overdue library book.

In a strange turn of events, a Texas mother found herself with a warrant due to an overdue library book. That’s right, a mother faced jail time because of a library book. When the mother of five went to renew her license, she was alerted to the ridiculous warrant.

Theft of Government Property

The warrant issued for Kaylee Morgan’s arrest was cited as theft of government property, which she discovered had to do with an overdue library book. She received a court summons and faced potential jail time for the misdemeanor. Shockingly, the judge offered no sympathy and disregarded any excuse Morgan was able to make.

A thief caught in a library.

Morgan explained that she was pregnant when the library book was due and sent her husband to return the books. One of the books was unable to fit in the drop-off box and the library was closed at the time, so he couldn’t go inside to return it. Eventually, Morgan got the book returned and didn’t think much of it because she never received any notices in the mail about late payments.

Potentially Severe Punishment

When facing the judge, Morgan attempted to explain her situation, but the judge was unreceptive to Morgan’s troubles. According to the judge, it didn’t matter that Morgan tried to return the book in a reasonable time and even told Morgan to take responsibility by updating the library with her change of address. Even after offering to pay for the book the judge told her she was beyond that point.

Handcuffs near a jail door.

With no extra savings to pay the nearly $600 citation, Morgan turned to GoFundMe for help. Luckily, she has raised enough money to pay for the citation and is now asking for more funds to hire a lawyer and pay for legal expenses.

“I know several moms have commented that they’ve already canceled their library card out of fear of this happening to them because you never know when you’re going to have a death in the family or you get into a car accident or any number of things. You could break your leg and not be able to return your library book and what? You have to go to jail over that?”

Texas mother shares warning after warrant issued for her arrest over overdue library book, Kaylee Morgan

This case serves as a reminder of the complexities of trivial matters. Even in the most unexpected circumstances, the priorities and implications of our actions need to be reevaluated. Modern life is difficult to maneuver, and we need to foster a culture of responsibility and understanding within our communities. Empathy and compassion bind people together, not a warrant for an overdue library book.

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