Morbius: A Flop With Critics But Success With Fans

The latest Marvel movie to hit the big screen, Morbius, bombed with critics and indifferent fans. Here are the details of how the film fared and what the latest word is on Sony’s newest movie.

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The latest film to come from out of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC), Morbius, has become quite an enigma with current reviews compared to box office ratings. With exceptionally low ratings for a superhero movie from critics, and relatively low scores on other movie rating services, it would appear that “The Living Vampire” is a dead flop by the standards of most Marvel movies.

These low ratings on both sides of fans and critics alike is quite surprising given that the film did quite well in the box office opening weekend. During the first weekend the film took in a total of $39 million, which would indicate that at least at first fans were still excited. Whether or not these decent gains will continue is highly debatable, especially given the rough reviews it’s been receiving.

Reception with Fans


For fans there’s been a confusing amount of reception. Fan reviewed sites like IMDb have been displaying below average reviews for the film, and with current score ranking in at 5.2 out of ten stars, a dramatically low score for a Marvel movie. The audience score for Rotten Tomatoes fared slightly better than IMDb, with a current 70% on the audience score.

That being said it still doesn’t change the fact that its only a C- by standard grading ratings. CinemaScore (which uses an A through F rating system) is another outlet for fans to share their responses for films, and even there Sony’s Morbius only scored a C+. Such a low rating makes Morbius the second worst Marvel film reviewed on the site, only roughly beating out the poorly received 2015 Fantastic Four which was given a C-. Given the typical track record of Marvel movies on the site receiving an A or A+ it seems as far as fans are concerned it isn’t worth much time.

Reception with Critics


If you thought the fan reception was bad, you might want to buckle in for this part. For the movie critic side of things the Tomatometer scored it with an abysmal 16%. This is by no means a end all say all answer to if it’s a good movie or not of course, but given the fan reception along with this, it makes it hard to imagine the movie is very good. Of course there are films like Sony’s previous SPUMC movie Venom, which was not loved by critics but was well received by fans, so movie critics can’t always be taken at face value.

That being said additional reviews of the film being there have been comments about the films quality outside of numbers based rating systems. In a Tweet from journalist Brandon Matthews he described the film as “Having no consistency, except that it’s bad.” With such a harsh review it will more likely than not make many fans question whether the film is worth going to see on the big screen, rather than just waiting to watch it at home.


Despite a poor critical response and lack-luster fan reviews this isn’t a solid determinate that the film is truly bad. As with many films that receive poor reception at first, it very well may go on to become a cult classic among superhero movie fans in the future, even if it isn’t spectacular right now.

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