Moon Knight Episode 2 Explained: New Costumes, Cracked Mirrors, and QR Codes

Moon Knight episode 2 “Summon the Suit” is action filled, giving us many fight scenes, cracked mirrors, a new suit, and easter eggs hidden in QR Codes.

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Moon Knight Episode 2 Explained: New Costumes, Cracked Mirrors, and QR Codes

Moon Knight episode 2, “Summon the Suit,” was jam-packed with action as Moon Knight steps onto center stage, dawning the suit of Mr. Knight, as Marc Spector fights to take control. With strong motifs of cracked mirrors and multiple reflections, the tension between Steven Grant and his counterpart Marc Spector came to pique by the end of the episode.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead

New Costumes

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Starting where episode 1 left off, the screen switches from Moon Knight fighting the Jackal and destroying the museum’s bathroom to Steven Grant waking up chained to his bedpost as usual. Having thought he had put his demons at bay, Grant believed the last few days were not completely real. However, when he later walks into the museum ready for work, he then finds out the damage committed by Marc Spector was, in fact, very tangible.

The damage leads Grant to be fired and offered medical care by HR, continuing Marvel’s open conversation on mental health. Leaving his badge behind, Grant moves on to prove that Spector is real, following the logo on the key he found in his apartment in the previous episode.

The logo then leads him to a warehouse, where he finds Marc’s passport, gun, and some extra cash, along with the scarab. Marc reappears to him in the reflection of the glass walls, urging him to give him control as he finishes his mission, revealing he is Khonshu’s avatar, as he is in the comics. Grant refuses to give up his powers and runs away while being chased by Khonshu.  Running out of the storage unit, he falls in the middle of traffic, only to be saved by Layla El-Faouly, who we can only assume is a reincarnation of Marlene Alraune, as she claims to be his wife. Later, we find out they are getting a divorce, as Marc wants to protect her from Khonshu. 

The poem Layla and Steven recite is “Les Séparés,” the English translation being “Apart.” It is a story about two estranged lovers who believe it’s better to be apart and let their love die through cutting communication. The poem directly parallels Marc and Layla’s situation, where Marc is willing to cut all contact, despite continuing to love her. The poem has a second meaning; the line “To knock on my heart is to know on my Tomb” sounds a lot like where their adventure is headed, towards the Tomb of Ammit.

After their touching moment, Steven is subsequently taken “under arrest,” Instead of going to the police station, the police take him to Harrow, who releases him and reveals him to have been the previous Avatar of Khonshu.  Khonshu plays a more significant role in this episode, having a more active voice that actively converses with Steven/Marc, breaking deals with them and commanding them on what to do.

Harrow also briefly mentions Yucatan; this is in reference to Harrow’s first appearance in the comics in Moon Knight [Vol. 2] #2, where Moon Knight travels to Yucatan, who is using Nazi experiments to cure a disease that has left him disfigured. This reference could be another reference to the comics or a foreshadowing of deeper meaning in Harrow’s actions.

Harrow reveals his plan to bring back Ammit and purge the innocent before they have committed crimes, Leading Steven to fight back with the aid of Layla. Steven ends up summoning the suit of Mr. Knight, as Harrow sends another Jackal to kill him. The summoning of the suit is unique to the show, as in the comics, Marc himself made the suit as he does not have any mystical powers.

Unlike his suave persona in the comics, this version of Mr. Knight is quite bumbling, much like Steven’s personality, and he struggles to hold up a fight, creating a slight disappointment for fans. During the fight between Mr. Knight/Steven and the Jackal, we see an advertisement for the GRC, AKA the Global Repatriation Council from Falcon and The Winter Soldier, confirming that Moon Knight does take place post Endgame. After Steven gets hit by a car, Marc takes over as Moon Knight finishing off the Jackal.  

Cracked Mirrors and the Fight for Control


Once the Jackal is killed, the suit disappears, leaving Marc in control of the body, and Steven is left to communicate via the mirror. The tension between the two personalities comes to a height as Steven becomes frustrated being stuck as a reflection in a cracked mirror, a motif used in the show to symbolize the multiple personalities. Steven puts up a fight, but Marc persists that he is better in control of the body, and after his mission is complete, he will hand over total control to Steven. Finally, after getting into a verbal fighting match, Marc smashes his reflection, and Khonshu appears. The sinister tone of the conversation leads us to believe further that Khonshu still may be a nod towards Khonshu acting as our final antagonist. 

The final scene depicts one Moon Knight personality sitting in a bed reflected in a cracked mirror and another personality on the floor of a hotel in Cairo. The identity of these personalities is unknown, and although they could be Steven and Marc, it is also likely we are being introduced to the more violent personality of Jake Lockley, who is a prime love interest to Marlene in the comics.

QR Codes

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If you pay close attention to detail, you probably noticed some QR Codes in the last two episodes. Located at 5:06 in the previous episode and 8:25 in episode 2, the QR Codes take you to a free Marvel Comic, Werewolf by Night, where we see Moon Knight’s first-ever appearance as the antagonist later partner to Werewolf Jack Russell. 

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