‘Mom I’m Sorry’ is The Perfect Webtoon for Mother’s Day

Ready for a Webtoon drama about motherhood that will have you appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day? Read ‘Mom I’m Sorry’!

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Mother’s Day is coming soon, for all my Webtoon fans who have struggled to find a motherhood related Webtoon, say no more. Mom I’m Sorry is the number one recommended drama I recommend. There is a hint of science fiction elements but it’s mostly a sweet college life drama. the creator MiTi and artist GUGU have completed the story. Go check out the sweet read that will remind you what a mother sacrifices for her child.

Mom I’m Sorry: Webtoon Plot


When Henry realizes death is creeping up on his mother, he makes a deal with a life span dealer. He ends up giving up most of his years to his dying mother. Now, his mom is a twenty year old baby-faced and a new college student at the age of fifty. Henry devotes all his time to help her live a fulfilling life that she couldn’t have before. But many complications and situations occur along the way, will he be able to provide for his Mom, knowing his life can end at any moment?

Let’s Meet the Characters

Olivia Yeon


She is a mother who has sacrificed so much to see her son happy. When running away from an abusive father, she made a new life for Henry. Although he was selfish and wanted more, she did what she could. Olivia worked her fingers to the bone to save enough money so they can have a life. She wants Henry to succeed, even if it means hiding her illness. When she is sent to the hospital she doesn’t remember much, suddenly she wakes up and sees herself when she was twenty years old. Opportunities like going to school and following her dreams are now before her. When Henry explains some of his circumstance, she wants him to also be part of her dream. Olivia wants to spend time with Henry and make memories.

Henry Yeon


Henry is the son who never really knew his mom. He never knew she had a chronic illness that was slowly killing her. He just got back from serving in the army to find out about this news. He reflects back on his behavior, mistreating his mother and not appreciating all her sacrifices. When a mystical dealer appears and offers him a life span deal, he debates and soon agrees. His mother deserves a new life to start over. What was a shocking: his mother looks exactly like his age. She is now a twnety year old looking woman. Despite the shock he vows to provide an easy life for his mom. His life has been cut short, with that comes fear and maybe even some deep thinking on life.



Ready for a super supportive friend who’s kind of goofy? Henry’s best friend has been waiting for him to return. When Kisung is given the task to watch over Henry’s “cousin” he agrees. But when he notices her kindness, grit, and beauty; he can’t help but have a crush on her. Will it be awkward if he voices his feelings?

Jeremy Wi


Jeremy is the famous young golf player that is sponsoring his college. He is always seen as this amazing guy who is pursuing his dreams. He is in a rich family and many expectations are growing. He doesn’t feel the love for golf like he used to. With an overbearing father who is constantly breathing down his neck about a future in golf, he can’t be himself. Where is his typical college experience with real friends who know him for him? When he bumps into a mysterious college student who has no idea who he is, he can’t help but feel seen. Olivia is comforting, supportive, and has a new way at seeing life and the real world. She sounds wise and doesn’t judge his feelings. For some reason, he wants to give her everything he can.

Sally Yoon


Sally is the first and only best friend Olivia makes at school. Sally is your typical college student, she’d rather have college fun experiences than constantly study. She finds it odd that Olivia gets along with her mom, not to mention her constant encouragement about safety, responsibility and studying. At first it’s annoying, but soon she becomes fond of it. It’s good to have a friend who helps keep you on track. But what’s with her new friend that has no idea what teen lingo is or certain fads and trends that every college student should know?



Sarah is the dedicated girlfriend of Henry, oh wait? Ex-girlfriend of Henry. She was a long term girlfriend for a very long time. She had his back and supported him in everything he did. So when he was sent to serve in the military, she waited, and waited. When she thought he was dead, she has moved on and focused on college life, with him in her heart. Suddenly when news of his arrival on campus, she immediately seeks him out. But when he tells her they must officially break up, not to mention seeing a new young girl around him, she can’t help but think the worst of him. Will she find out the real truth, or just get closure with a tarnish to his image.

Yeonye Lee


She is on top of every topic and new update revolving the famous Jeremy Wi. She eats and breathes all news and gossip about him. With her finances and career at stake, she needs a new scoop. But with Jeremy being so private about his life can she find it. When he starts interacting with a new college student named Olivia, is she the potential opportunity to find dirt on him?



Ijun is a little kid who got put into the wrong foster care. His foster parents are abusive and cruel. He thought he didn’t have a way out, until Henry came to the rescue. Soon, he is able to find freedom and solace with Henry and his mother. Once a fragile boy, he now has a potential new family.



He is the life span dealer that caused Henry’s world to go upside down. He is a bit of a con artist. There are very specific rules that Henry needs to follow so his Mom has a fulfilling life without repercussions. No one must know about the deal only the two people involved. No one from the outside can know the truth. When Henry isn’t like what he’s expected he is desperate to make sure his deal isn’t found out. If you want to learn more about the laws and deals of a life span dealer, definitley pay attention to the details he offers.

I hope you enjoyed all the characters you will be reading. For more on Webtoon updates go to Bookstr every Wednesday for new recommendations.