Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Nineteen Steps’: Coming of Age in WWII

The ‘Stranger Things’ actress makes her debut as an author with ‘Nineteen Steps’, a story inspired by her family’s history during the tumultuous years of the second World War.

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Each family carries a history replete with fascinating narratives. They can serve to bridge generations and offer hope in our hour of need. In Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown’s case, they can also serve as an inspiration for her upcoming debut novel Nineteen Steps.

Scheduled to be released on September 12th and published by HarperCollins, the book is largely influenced by the stories told by Brown’s grandmother, Ruth. However, Nineteen Steps diverges from her harrowing tales of death and survival and pursues a more personal note; one that builds upon the family’s legacy and follows the story of a girl coming of age in an atmosphere plagued by war.

Millie Bobby Brown talks about her novel saying,

Inspired by my Nanny Ruth, this book is very personal and close to my heart. I grew up listening to stories about her time living through the war. I’m honored to keep her story alive.

Millie Bobby Brown
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Nineteen Steps introduces the readers to Nellie Morris, a resident of Bethnal Green, London, who finds herself struggling to maintain her social relationships and sense of normalcy in a world engulfed by war. Once the opportunity to embrace a new life presents itself, she attempts to capitalize on her chances, only to find them ripped away. When faced with the prospect of catastrophe, Nellie finds strength in love amidst the loss as she navigates across her trials, searching to find her way in life.

Despite the second World War being far behind us, the audience can still relate to the shared experiences of Nellie and coming of age in this moving tale of female resilience. Fans of the Stranger Things actress should be on the lookout for more publications in the future from this aspiring author.

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