Met Gala 2023 Looks That Reminded Us of Fictional Characters

The Met Gala; one of the most anticipated Monday’s of the year! With fashion and, of course, books in mind, lets see which looks reminded us of fictional characters!

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from left to right-doja-cat-dua-lipa-cardi-b-at-met-gala-2023

It’s my favorite time of year! The Met Gala. My excitement for the first Monday in May has never once wavered. My dedication is intense and my attention to detail cannot be disputed. I would go as far as to say my world stops on this magical Monday at 6 P.M. and it is game time. I had the Vogue interviews on my computer, my trusty Met Gala Instagrams pulled up on my phone, and some Chinese food to really enjoy the night that was about to ensue.

It has been a dream of mine to attend the Met Gala. How? I have no idea but I just have to see what goes on inside; my love for the Met and for the Gala runs deep. As a bookish girlie, I can’t help but watch the carpet filled to the brim with excitement and also think about fictional characters! During events like this, when celebrities are dressed to the nines and decked out in millions of dollars worth of jewelry, it is fantasy heaven. This doesn’t happen every day and my brain can’t help but connect it to some of our fictional favorites.

Take a look at how we interpreted some of these gorgeous Met Gala looks!

Billie Eilish as Emily from Corpse Bride

LEFT- billie-eilish-at-met-gala-2023

Now I know the Corpse Bride isn’t technically a book, but Eilish truly embodies this persona. Emily doesn’t even wear a black gown in the movie, there is just something about Billie’s Simone Rocha gown being black and a big theme of the night being wedding gowns that my brain can’t focus on anything else. Also, the lace dropping and the see-through fabric are so similar to Emily’s gown.

In my research on the Corpse Bride, I found that it was inspired by The Finger, an old Jewish horror story! Billie’s energy at this gala can certainly fit into that story somewhere. Another comparison I had was Wednesday Adams from The Addams Family; another equally dark and brooding character.

Jack Harlow as Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

LEFT- jack-harlow-at-met-gala-2023
RIGHT- Chronicles-of-Narnia-The-Lion-the-Witch-and-the-Wardrobe-book-cover

This is certainly not an original comparison! Jack Harlow has been receiving and playing into these comments for a while now. However, seeing pictures of him rocking his grown-out beard and the red shirt peaking out like a scarf, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Jack Harlow is one of the most attractive men out there right now, but seeing him wear a little red scarf like Mr. Tumnus… I genuinely wondered what his stylist and Tommy Hilfiger were thinking.

Still love you, though, Jack.

Doja Cat as Catwoman from Catwoman

LEFT- doja-cat-at-2023-met-gala
RIGHT- catowman-an-origin-story-book-cover

When I saw Doja Cat on the carpet, I can’t say I was shocked by her eccentric take on the theme. She is nothing but authentically herself and I have to give her all the credit for that. When she was being interviewed by Vogue and Emma Chamberlin and she was meowing; I absolutely lost it. She is one heck of a character as she is adorned by Oscar de la Renta.

The outfit was totally a part of her. She really embraced her inner Catwoman. When she did the cat claw motion for the cameras, I totally felt the Catwoman vibes. I wouldn’t have known the nose was a prosthetic if the commentators hadn’t said anything. It looked like it was naturally part of her face.

Christina Hardesty, Graphics

Dua Lipa as Jane from Pride and Prejudice

LEFT- dua-lipa-at-met-gala-2023
RIGHT- pride-and-prejudice-book-cover

To say that my breath wasn’t taken away when I saw this look would be a lie. This is the dress that keeps me up at night that I one day envision wearing. It satisfies my Victorian corset ball gown fantasy! She looks like a princess, a queen even! I was torn between Jane and Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she exhibits the innocence of both women. The gown has the essence and shape of Belle’s classic yellow ballgown, but its color and simplicity remind me of the dresses the Bennett sisters would wear to parties.

This Chanel gown will haunt me forever; the neckline, the way v-waistline before it blossoms out into a huge skirt. I also genuinely love the simplicity of the whole look. She knew she knocked it out of the park. It was incredibly on-theme and absolutely breathtaking.

Cardi B and Emma Chamberlain as Cinderella from Cinderella

LEFT- cardi-b-at-met-gala-2023
MIDDLE- cinderella-book-cover
RIGHT- emma-chamberlain-at-met-gala-2023

Ah! I love these two looks! I am definitely a Cardi B fan, but I never thought I would be comparing her to Cinderella. The second I saw her, that was all I could think about! For me, it was the headband that absolutely sealed the Cinderella image into my mind. She looks like a grungy princess in this Chenpeng Studio gown so I think the comparison is fitting.

And then you have Emma, who also has the classic headband, but she’s rocking Cinderella blue in Miu Miu. I am obsessed with how different these two looks are but they truly feel like alternative, opposite end of the spectrum versions of the iconic princess.

They both changed multiple times throughout the course of the night, so I thought that played well with the Cinderella fantasy as well!


This is a transcendent event and I will spend the rest of the year waiting for that first Monday in May to roll around again. If you are anything like me, you’ll watch next year and see just how many outfits make you think of your favorite characters without even trying. We love a mix of fashion and literature!

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