‘Mayfair Witches’ Showrunner Hints at Crossover With ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Get ready witches, because the crossover of a lifetime could be happening. ‘Mayfair Witches’ showrunner Esta Spalding hinted at some big connections coming!

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Dreams really do come true. Mayfair Witches showrunner, Esta Spalding, teased at a possible crossover between Mayfair Witches and Interview with the Vampire. AMC went big with two huge Anne Rice adaptations within the past year. A crossover between the two shows seems inevitable given both shows hold characters who live a while (witches) or are completely immortal (vampires). Surely they have to meet, right? Spalding discussed the connections between the two shows at the AMC panel at the Critics Association presentation.

Keep reading to see what could be in store for AMC’s Anne Rice adaptations.

A Crossover is Coming Quick

Alexandra Daddario as Rowan Mayfair Witches
cr. Variety

Spalding confirmed during the panel that a crossover between the two Rice adaptations will happen sooner rather than later— And thank goodness! According to Spalding, there is one character who appears in both series and she is “waiting for somebody to figure” out who it is. Have you made any guesses yet?

Executive producer Mark Johnson also said other connections could come between the shows. He revealed in the panel,

“I think if we continue you will see a lot of connections, both in terms of characters, in terms of geography — some of them sort of fun, some of them almost like Easter eggs, and we very much want to tie the worlds together in a way that makes sense.

[‘Mayfair Witches’ and ‘Interview With the Vampire’ are] completely separate on one hand, but thematically, just in terms of Anne Rice’s — the way she deals with characters and the way she presents them — we want to find a way to have that all fluid throughout the various shows.”

— Mark Johnson

Bookish Connections Between the Shows

AMC interview with the vampire cast
cr. CNN / AMC

Mayfair Witches follows Rowan (Alexandra Daddario) as she discovers to not only be a witch, but the heir of a long dynasty of witches. She goes through trials and tests as she learns her powers and uncovers deep, dark secrets about her family’s past. 

As you may know, Interview with the Vampire tells the story of an aged vampire by the name of Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) who decides to tell his story to a journalist. This story includes a period where he fell in love with Lestat (Sam Reid).

Catch up on the latest episodes of both shows on AMC+.

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