‘Maybe Meant to Be’ A Comedic Romance

Jia and Mincheol are nagged about settling down, so they create a real marriage based on respect and their platonic relationship. But what if they start to like each other?

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Webtoon brings you funny romances that will thaw your heart for the holidays. The comic Maybe Meant to Be gives the trope of fake marriage, but the twist is it’s consensual with both parties and there is a connection beforehand. Updates occur on Friday. This story was written by honeyskein, and the amazing art was done by damcho. Get ready to laugh and have your heart flutter.

Maybe Meant to Be: Plot


Jia Han is a 32-year-old freelancer with no stable income. Her parents keep pestering her to settle down, get married and move out. One day, she bumps into a childhood friend, Mincheol, who also has similar family pressures. She blurts out that they should have a marriage of convenience. However, she didn’t expect an immediate ‘yes’ response! An unexpected romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud at their antics but also have your heart flutter when they navigate their so-called relationship.

Meet The Characters

Jia Han


Jia is a freelancer who used to be an author. She loves chicken feet and gets easily embarrassed. Also, Jia is aggressive at times and still lives with her parents. She has a younger sister who is married with kids, so she is constantly compared to and pestered to settle down. She has not hung out with her childhood friend Mincheol in a long time, both were outcasts, but something changed. However, one encounter has her suggesting marriage, to which he agrees. Now she has to navigate living with him, but now her heart is coming into question.

Mincheol Jin


Mincheol is used to being an outcast ever since childhood. As long as he had headphones and video games, that was good enough for him. When Jia came into his life, he had a friend, and even when that connection broke for years, he was back to the same old routine. Now at the age of thirty-two, he has no relationship experience, can’t cook, only eats chicken breasts and vegetables as his main diet, exercises, and plays video games. He has a stable job but cannot find a relationship connection. When Jia blurts out marriage, his logical sense of thinking makes him agree immediately. Granted, the feelings aren’t there, but he still wants to make the best of this marriage and learn. Although his fashion and social cues are lacking, does he really not see Jia in a romantic light?

Sangwoo Choi


He grew up in a house with three sisters. He has seen and heard every relationship experience his sisters went through. Next thing you know, he is advising those who have couples issues, and he is suddenly seen as the ‘guy to talk to who has dated plenty.’ However, that is far from the truth. Mincheol is his senior, so when Sangwoo finds out about his marriage, he is surprised. However, he is content in giving him relationship advice. But when the college senior/ now boss, Sooyun, has a crush on Mincheol and wants to check if Mincheol and Jia’s relationship is legit, Sangwoo begins to confront these odd feelings with Sooyun, and their dynamic is put to the test.

Sooyun So


She hasn’t been in the dating pool lately. But that’s because she hasn’t found a simple guy that meets her standards until she meets Mincheol. When he became a worker at their office firm, she immediately had a crush on him. But soon, she finds out Mincheol is married, and it’s shocking. Things don’t add up. So relying on her friend from college, Sangwoo, to help put the pieces together, another feeling begins to emerge between them. Will she want to start anew with someone else, and how will this new relationship go?

Yunjou Choi


She is one of Sangwoo’s sisters. She used to work with Jia as an author. They both have a long past together in the publishing industry. But there is a past that Jia and Yunjou are trying to get over. The question is, now that her brother has coincidentally reunited with her, will she want to meet Jia once again?

This series has plenty of comedy and romantic moments to keep you hooked. However, there is a story about Jia’s past and even Mincheol’s. If you want to explore further, here are some other romantic Webtoon recommendations on Bookstr. Click the link here.