May 2022 Book Releases To Get Ready For!

Here are new May 2022 book releases that will get you excited for reading this summer! Get ready to fill your bookshelves with new titles.

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I’m sure every person in the book world gets excited when every month their are new releases to check out at your local bookstore. For May I am happy to say I have found a few published and soon to be published books for this month’s TBR collection. Enjoy these May 2022 releases!

Book Lovers by Emily Henry


Enjoy an enemy to something more trope? Read how one summer changed these bookworms.

Nora Stephen’s life is all about books. She isn’t a heroine by any means. However, she is in the eyes of her clients. She is an intense literary agent and a big sister to her little sis Libby. When Nora agrees to go to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina for the month of August with Libby, she didn’t expect to be running into Charlie Lastra.

Charlie Lastra is an editor in the city who she’s had awkward and not so plesant encounters with. Charlie isn’t the hero that people may think him to be in the city. As Nora and Charlie get constantly thrown into coincidences, they may discover their true facades behind the written one’s they’ve created.

(publish release date May 3rd)

The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner


Ready for family summer drama that has secrets, family grudges, self discoveries, misunderstandings, truths and revelations?!

Sarah Danhauser is the step mother of her twenty two year old step daughter Ruby. Ruby suddenly announces her engagement to her pandemic boyfriend. With a headstrong and intuitive attitdue she plans to have her wedding in three months at her grandmother’s (Sarah’s mother) family beach house in Cape Cod.

Now in Cape Cod and the wedding being closer than ever, the true intentions of everyone’s burdens and baggage increase tenfold.

Ruby tries to tackle her biological mother issues. Veronica gets news from her annoying sister, and must reflect on her actions from years ago. Sarah’s husband Eli has become distatn and is reflecting on his good guy facade that he broke. Sarah’s twin brother Sam tries to recover from a loss. Sarah faces all these changes from her family along with seeing an alluring face from her past that could have changed everything.

(publish release date May10th)

When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill


A mystical story that takes place in the 1950’s, themes of motherhood and self reflection come into play.

Alex Green is a young girl who is part of a historical event knonw as The Mass Dragoning of 1955. This is the day when ordinary mothers and wives turn into dragons and cause havoc. Questions that Alex has are: did they have a choice on turning? How come her Aunt Marla transformed and her mother didn’t? Who got left behind, any other women remain?

This takes place before and the aftermath of the dragon transormation event. With an overprotective mother and a distant father, the topic being too taboo; Alex must find out the truth and face her emotions when learning of her connection to the dragon transformations.

(publish release date May 3rd)

The Favor by Nora Murphy


A suspensful mystery about a woman who gets pushed to the limit.

Leah and McKenna have never met before. Their lives are somehow parallel to each other. There are no coincidences or casual bumps that cause them to meet. They have no common ground, have no acknowledgement of each other’s existence, yet they live the same ‘happy lives’.

Until one night, it happened, Leah drives past McKenna’s house and sees her ‘perfect husband’ behave the way her’s does. Much like her own marriage, Leah chooses to keep an eye out for Mckenna. But certain events make Leah intervene.

I wonder what will happen and what lengths she’ll go to protect and save McKenna and herself?

(publish release date May 31st)

Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour


Two different traumas from their pasts, yet they learn to trust each other.

Sara Foster runs away at the age of sixteen. She loses trust and closeness along the way. Years later, she is a bartender in LA with a mysterious aura to those passing through. Emilie Dubois has dealt with a similar fate of sorts. She is a seventh year undergrad student who is taking on her fifth major change. She wants to be part of her Creole grandparents’ community, but feels left out. She soon takes a job as a flower arranger for a restaurant and has an affair with the married restaurant owner.

When Sara and Emilie meet, sparks fly immediately. There is a deep connection that pulls them together. However the trauma in their pasts has them pulling away too. In the midst of being close together, Emilie’s past has made her reflect and soon she is learning what her true purpose is. Sara’s past however, is coming back and is close by. Can they both help each other before it’s too late?

(publish release date May 31st)

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