“Looking For Alaska” By John Green – Recommended YA Book

“Looking for Alaska” is a coming-of-age novel that touches different themes, and those are grief, hope, and being in young-adult relationships.

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John Green is an American author, Youtube creator, and podcaster. He has written a bunch of books like Looking For Alaska, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, etc.

Looking for Alaska was published in 2005 and is based on Green’s life while he was at Indian Springs School. John’s dream was to always write young adult literature. While the plot is based on John’s life, the stories he writes are completely fictional.

The story follows a boy named Miles Halter who is obessed with last words. He goes to Culvar Creek Preparatory High School for new opportunities, and his “Great Perhaps.” While at this school, he is forced to step out of his comfort zone of being an introvert. He becomes very close friends with his roommate Chip, who later on gives him the nickname of “Pudge.” Among the chaos, he meets Alaska Young, a beautiful and intelligent girl with mood swings and erratic emotions. The book explores a journey of grief, guilt, and hopefulness.

Looking for Alaska

This book is known as being “young adult fiction.” Green’s audience for this novel is high school students. However, the themes used in the novel are what gives it the young adult feel. Those themes include drugs, alcohol, sex, first love, and loss.

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