Little Lessons: How Soaring Amongst The Clouds Changed My Childhood

Ever sit and let your mind wonder like when we were children? Read on to hear the little lessons I learned about reading as a child!

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There is something quite beautiful about reading. It has the ability to lighten the heavy burdens on our shoulders, the worries, and the struggles. It can change minds, move hearts, and shake our ground. Stories have a power unlike any other force in this world. What a human being can do with a pen and paper is truly baffling. Whether we relate to the tales or escape within the ink, we find a home in a place we never knew. Reading is the home that holds so much meaning in our hearts.

A little girl with glasses reading on a desk.

As a child, I learned this lesson. I learned that there is nothing more freeing than words on a page or a mind in the clouds. I found freedom in captivating works of fiction. And I learned a lot about myself through reading, as many of you did as well.

Found In The Clouds

If you are anything like me, you know how to fly up in the clouds… the problem was coming back down. I had a knack for getting lost in my mind. So, naturally, the stories flew in every direction of my tiny little brain. But when I finally came to the realization of books, there was no turning back. I’d found my home.

A little girl blowing bubbles, on huge bubble takes the image of the earth.

Books helped me level out and tune into my creativity. Stories had a way of grounding me. I got lost in the fantasies in my mind. I soared, and when I shut the book, only then did my feet hit the ground. I related the lessons I learned to everyday life, such as bravery, kindness, and compassion. Books didn’t make me feel “lost in the clouds,” they made me feel found.

Brother and sister reading a story together.

We talk about escaping into stories and sinking our hearts into the pages, but really, we feel this immense connection because we feel found. We feel seen. And we find our paths in this big world. Expanding our creativity and finding our uniqueness through these tales is important.

The Medicine Of Storytelling

Books showed me how stories can twist and turn. They showed me how to write, create new adventures, and investigate the world we craft in our little imaginations. I began crafting my own stories, writing them down, and drawing picture books. It felt similar to falling in love. My heart pulsed faster. I had an itch in my fingers, a need to write or draw out every emotion I couldn’t explain. Reading and writing helped me discover my feelings and let them flow against the paper.

Kids playing and telling a story on a shadow theater.

When I let my fingers flow and my mind explore, that was it. It was mine. I could understand what I was feeling. I could release all I had bottled inside. I let it burst out and be free. I was able to understand what I was sensing about certain things and why. I found the meaning in the words and stories that flowed out of my head and onto the page. I found myself within all the mess.

A girl draped in blanket, reading with her flashlight.

Reading as children helps us realize that there are so many experiences to relate to. You don’t feel alone, because you aren’t. Those complex emotions that were too big for our little bodies could be understood with one silly novel. It taught us different perspectives on magical lands, and although they are fantasy, we could read about people just like us.

Little Inspirations

Reading as a kid sparked my creativity and inspired me to write my own stories.

Little hands holding a picture book as they read.

I loved coming up with new characters, worlds, and plot twists. It was like having a playground for my imagination, where anything was possible. And who knows, maybe one day my stories will inspire someone else, just like the books I read inspired me. Maybe, when we learn how to explore as children, we learn how to grow into more open-minded and inspired adults.

All The Little Lessons

Reading and writing are more than a hobby, they’re a lifeline. For me, it was my ground. I got lost in the clouds, soaring high above, never able to find my footing. But stories helped me find that stability. I realized how much was out there beyond me.

Notes and pictures from overhead, showing a person plotting a story.

So, here’s to all the authors and writers who fueled our imagination and helped us find our way through the clouds of childhood. And for all the little artists who dream of dragons and far-off places, keep dreaming, because that creativity will inspire someone else someday.

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