‘Like Wind on a Dry Branch’: An Outcast Archduke and Widow Mage

An outcast archduke and a widow mage with passion join forces to protect the empire of Axias Manor. Like Wind on a Dry Branch is a Webtoon for fantasy lovers.

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If you enjoy a fantasy story where a debt is settled by a knight in shining armor then Like Wind on a Dry Branch is the perfect read. A young woman is widowed and had her child stolen. She became a mistress against her will to a terrible man who is now dead and is now in debt. When the outcast prince of the empired arrives at the funeral expecting payment, she didn’t expect to be handed over as a consolation prize. This comic updates every Saturday. The writer of this Webtoon is Dalsaeowl and the beautiful art is done by Hwaeum.

Like Wind On A Dry Branch Plot

Cover photo webtoon

A plague wreaks havoc on the empire and recent widow Rieta Tristi is at the hands of a noblman who wants to bury her alive. Her husband is dead and her daughter was taken by slave traders. However, when an unexpected visit from the empire’s outcast, Archduke of Axias Manor, arrives at the funeral, he changes her life path forever. She is now by his side and wants to do everything in her power to repay the debt.

Rieta Tristi

woman with blond hair and blue eyes

Her husband died of the plague and her daughter was taken by slave traders. She was captured by a man who wanted to have her as his mistress. Even though she complied, she never saw her daughter again. Now that the man is dead, his son has planned the funeral, but has accumulated debt. The nobleman’s son decides to bury her alive, but instead, the outcast Archduke Prince Killian arrives and suddenly she is taken to fulfill the debt. Instead of expecting a horrible life, she is taken to Axias Manor, where the Archduke treats his villagers and staff respectfully and gives them leadership. He gives her a home, food, and money.

She can’t begin to repay his kindness, but starts by using her powers as a mage to heal and give blessings to the Archduke, the villagers, and the entire manor. She is full of many talents yet is modest about them. Although she can repay the Archduke, she still mourns her daughter and husband. Will she be able to create a fulfilling life at Axias? Will she be part of his group of knightmaidens? Why does he treat her so special?

Prince Killian

a man with a dark cloak and holding a red rose

He is the Archduke– The young prince who slaughtered his brother for reasons unknown. His mother was killed before his very eyes. He now strives to create a strong standing in the empire. A decade and he has a strong kingdom called the Axias Manor. With loyal soldiers and knightmaidens who pretend to be his female harem, his goal is to provide for his kingdom and to avenge his mother.

With an evil stepmother trying to take over, he must be vigilant with his plan. Rieta wasn’t part of this plan though. He simply went to collect a debt from a horrid man who passed. He decided to take her to fulfill the man’s debt through his son. Little did he know he had not only a knowledgeable woman but a very powerful mage who can see demons and cast blessings. She is as mysterious as she is a fierce and also a very passionate woman.

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