‘Light Bringer’ And ‘Red God’: Books Six And Seven In ‘The Red Rising’ Series

After a solid year of waiting, Pierce Brown has FINALLY released information on books six and seven in the Red Rising series. Here’s what’s been given to us.

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After a long year of waiting since the last information drop from Pierce Brown, the Red Rising fandom has finally been given a few crumbs. And by crumbs, I mean the titles of books six and seven in the series.

Light Bringer will be book six and officially, yet unofficially, the final book in the series following the events of Dark Age (which, by the way, is one of the most painful books I’ve ever read). And after the events of Dark Age, I’m really not sure what to expect–I mean, obviously more pain, but I am still hopeful. I crave a happy ending after five books of torture. But, Light Bringer is set to be published in May 2023–and it could not come fast enough if I wanted it to. You can preorder it here.

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Secondly, Red God. This book is a surprise and Brown even said in his Instagram post that he felt his readers “deserved” a seventh book (so that leads me to have even MORE fear of Light Bringer). There can be no good to come from him already expecting his fandom to beg for a book seven. But, I still remain excited as I absolutely adore this series and if it was all I could talk about for the rest of my life, I would. There is no set release date for Red God, but it has been said it will come out shortly after Light Bringer. Whether that is a week, a month or a year is unknown (my fingers are crossed though).

I can not express my excitement for these two installments enough. This is the series that got me into science fiction, and it is the first series that comes to mind when naming a favorite. I cannot praise it high enough. If you are looking for a science fiction series that will have you falling in love with the characters at every flip of the page, this is it. Pierce Brown is such a descriptive writer and his battles are legendary.

My thoughts on this though is that there’s only so many characters an author can kill off before having an entire fandom hate them. How about you?

Per aspera ad astra!