Kwame Alexander to Present America’s Next Great Author

America’s Next Great Author has an open casting call. The pilot episode films in the fall and offers a chance to win cash and publishing advice.

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We have no shortage of reality TV shows – across the world, we see shows like America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, and Love Island. The one thing these shows all have in common is that the contestants are competing for a prize. And finally, we see writers break through the line of singers and performers to bring us America’s Next Great Author (ANGA). The show is presented and produced by best-selling author and Newberry Medal winner Kwame Alexander. 

America’s Next Great Author

This week, a call came out on Twitter for applicants to be on the pilot of this new show. Announced as “the groundbreaking reality TV show for writers,” ANGA contestants will have one minute to pitch their novels to a panel of judges. New York Time best-selling author Jason Reynolds, Fox5 TV presenter Angie Goff, and stage writer and comedian Marga Gomez are the judges who decide who makes it to the “boot camp” stage called the Writer’s Retreat.


The six finalists have 30 days to write an entire novel while facing “live-wire” challenges at the retreat. And, of course, the winner will be named America’s Next Great Author. It’s unclear what the real final prize is, but Alexander hinted in the promotional video that it might include a publishing deal.

The show aims to attract “writers who aren’t normally given a seat at the table in mainstream publishing,” according to the show’s website. “The series will feature writers from communities and cultures all across America who bring their unique voices to readers and the world of literature.”

Applications for ANGA are currently open for the pilot filming this fall in San Francisco. Contestants have the chance to receive feedback from publishing professionals and win $2,500 for this first part of the show.