Jewish Book Week 2022: An Introduction

Jewish Book Week is from February 26th – March 6th. During the week, we will be highlighting Jewish authors and books. But first — what is Jewish book week?

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What is ‘Jewish Book Week’ 

If you’ve noticed that February 26th to March 6th is nine days and not seven, you’re not crazy. ‘Jewish Book Week’ is not actually a week at all. Rather, it’s the title of a literary festival in London. The festival was created in 1952 by the Jewish Book Council, under the chairmanship of Dr. George Webber. The festival has been held every year since! 


Why Do We Care?

Jewish Book Week has since expanded into the international realm, with a few of its programs being streamed online. A ‘digi-pass’ is being offered, which allows those interested to attend all nine streaming events for just 39.50 pounds (around 53 U.S dollars). Some of these events include: Fear of Black Consciousness: African-Jewish philosopher Lewis R. Gordon on racial identity and Love and Loss: New York Times bestseller Amy Bloom on her husband’s choice to end life on his own terms following his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and more!


Besides promoting this great event, Jewish Book Week provides an outlet for something gravely important: Jewish education and the support of Jewish people. Anti-semitism continues to been seen in society. From hate crimes to conspiracy theories, it seems like the attack on Jewish people will never end. How can we help combat this issue? Education and support are a great start. If you’re looking for more of these opportunities, then you’re in luck. Throughout this week we will be picking Jewish writers to highlight and giving recommendations from their bodies of work!

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