Irresistibly Sensational Romance Books Dedicated To Loving Curvy Women

Read on to discover five delightfully indulgent romance books dedicated to loving curvy women.

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Book jacket of Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey, Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan, and Yours, for Now by Lenor Soliz side by side on a gradient background of pink and yellow.

Romance books are always great for coddling our hopeless romantic hearts, allowing us to dream big and escape from the stresses of everyday life through touching and uplifting storytelling. As a reflection of real life, romance books illustrate the complexities of loving another and the experiences of those who are loved. Being loved and loving someone else is not a one-size-fits-all act, and love isn’t exclusive to one type of person. So, here are five irresistible books celebrating curvy women to put on your radar.

Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan

Book jacket of Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan. The side profile of a woman is pictured in black and white, framed by brightly colored orange, yellow, red, and blue plants.

Before I Let Go by bestselling author Kennedy Ryan is a critically acclaimed, compelling, gripping novel that follows the aftermath of Yasmen and Josiah Wade’s divorce. Love wasn’t a strong enough glue to hold their family together after years of struggle, but time and space apart are proving helpful as the two become successful co-parents and business owners together. Yet, that former spark used to have for each other still glimmers, and one kiss leads to something more, and that spark turns into a hot flame of desire. As they rekindle what they once had, Yasmen and Josiah must learn to trust each other again and fully heal the wounds of the past.

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

Instantaneously successful book Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey tells the heartwarming tale of Hallie Welch and the resurrection of affection for her childhood crush, Julian Vos, who is spending his sabbatical back home at his family’s winery. Hallie is hired to tend to the Vos family estate’s garden, where she discovers that the Julian she knew has turned reserved and serious, starkly contrasting her bubbly, chaotic personality. But on one drunken night with her friends, she writes a secret love letter confessing her feelings for Julian, leaving it where he can find it.

Book jacket of Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey. On the left, a woman with blonde hair, a yellow button up tied around her waits, denim shorts, and blue sneakers holds a bouquet of yellow, pink, and red roses. She looks at a guy on the right, who has brown hair, a white button up and black slacks, with a blue tie. A letter is at his feet.

Julien can’t seem to place where he’s seen Hallie before, but her alluring presence as a gardener is distracting him from finishing the novel he planned to write during his leave. Her extraordinary, enticing aura is even enough to distract him from the anonymous love letter he received from a past lover. Hallie has completely uprooted his steady, monotonous life, but he just can’t seem to figure her out.

Trick Shot by Kayla Grosse

A woman with red hair, a green sweater, and black pants is held by tow men. On the right is  a shirtless man with short dark brown hair and gray pants. On the right is a man with lighter brown hair, a beard, a gray shirt, and has a tattoo sleeve.

This illustrious Christmas novella turns cold winter nights warm. Character Leo is mistaken for his famous hockey player brother in an airport by Riley, whose bewitching personality has him giving into the misnomer and taking the opportunity to flirt. When their flights get canceled, Leo takes Riley home to his penthouse, where Leo, his best friend Jace, and Riley strike up a limitless, feverish romance during the holiday season, exploring their identities and the ardent relationship between them.

Goal by Alexandria House

Book jacket of Goal by Alexandria House. A woman in a pink robe and slippers holds a glass and stares at a shirtless man with a beard and dark blue pants. They are in a kitchen, and hockey sticks are leaning on the kitchen island table, where a helmet sits.

Maleek Jones’ one passion is hockey. Everything else in his life comes second to his sport. But suddenly, he finds himself responsible for looking after two siblings he never knew he had, and his entire life philosophy is turned inside out. Nuri Knox, navigating life while healing from past trauma, offers to nanny the Maleek’s children in the next step of her journey. Unbeknownst to them both, the last thing they thought they would find in this tumultuous phase of their lives occurred as a love stronger than they had ever experienced blossoms between them.

Yours, For Now by Lenor Soliz

Book jacket for Yours, for Now by Leonor Soliz. A woman in a purple dress with the flower broach and matching flats grabs the hand of a man in a black suit. They stand in front of a window looking into the city, attached to an ornate yellow wall.

This slow-burn romance follows Lina and Gabe from a dual point of view as they collaborate on a company project. Lina must enter a fake relationship with easy-going billionaire Gabe as she checks off the boxes on her career plan. Her traditional Latine family thinks Lina should settle down with Gabe and create a family, not become an independent corporate boss. Amid the turmoil, Gabe surprisingly becomes a haven for Lina in more ways than one. Soon, Lina must decide if she wants to sacrifice love to meet her goals.

Diverse representation in the media transforms the imaginations of those with underrepresented identities and lets them envision themselves in new experiences not previously given to them. It encourages them to break away from their predispositions and challenge societal norms, making the world more inclusive and equitable. Put these beautiful books on your TBRs!

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