Into the Heart of The Last Chapter Book Shop!

For this Bookspot of the Week, we’re headed to Chicago’s The Last Chapter! Read on to learn more about this heavenly bookspot and its owner, Amanda!

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The Last Chapter book store in Chicago.

The Last Chapter Book Shop, a gorgeous romance bookstore in Chicago, Illinois, opened in 2023 and has stolen our hearts since! This stunning destination is the place to go to connect with the romance book community, add to your TBR, and shop for the best bookish gifts. We interviewed the owner of The Last Chapter Chicago storefront, Amanda, to learn more about her love for books and gain insight into the heart of this beautiful bookstore!

The Last Chapter Book Shop, Chicago, IL

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Thank you for joining us! Let’s start the interview!

Why do you read?

Honestly, just because sometimes I need an escape, and I feel like reading helps me understand different emotions and different things that I am going through in life and kind of helps put a face to a name. And honestly, sometimes I need to read a happily ever after!

What is your favorite reading spot?

I love to read in the bath and on my bed. Anywhere else, I feel like I get too distracted. But definitely the bathroom and bed!

What’s the book that made you fall in love with reading?

Honestly, the After series by Anna Todd. I stopped reading for a while, like when I was in college and stuff, just because of textbooks and all that, and I remember very shortly after I graduated, I read the After series by Anna Todd within like three days (called off of work and everything), and it’s been everlasting ever since.

What do you use as a bookmark?

So, I use an actual bookmark. We have paper bookmarks that I’ll use, or I have a bunch of cute little magnetic bookmarks that I’ll use.

What book would you like to see a screen adaptation of?

I have a list! Praise by Sara Cate, Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy, and honestly? Icebreaker and Wildfire by Hannah Grace.

Thank you so much to Amanda for letting us interview her! Make sure you follow The Last Chapter on social media, and if you can, stop by their store in Chicago. In the meantime, you can browse and shop for some of their goods online!

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