Hurry, Grab Your Kindle! Stuff Your Kindle Day Is on Its Way!

It’s almost time to overindulge on free books for Stuff Your Kindle Day! Keep reading to learn about dates and genres!

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If you have a Kindle, you’ve probably heard of Stuff Your Kindle Day. The tradition started 10 years ago on Boxing Day. Boxing Day is celebrated most commonly in the United Kingdom on the day after Christmas. It was originally a holiday to donate gifts to those in need but has since changed to a day to shop for deals, which makes sense as to why it was chosen for Stuff Your Kindle Day.

When is Stuff Your Kindle Day happening?

Now buckle up, because there are not one, not two, but three Stuff Your Kindle Days in April! According to Probably Off Reading on TikTok, the trilogy blast will be starting on April 23rd and will finish on April 27th.

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What kinds of books can you get?

Beginning strong on the 23rd, readers can look forward to an abundance of romance books to choose from. On the 25th, bookworms can get their Kindles prepared for a magnificent amount of cozy mysteries. Lastly, on the 27th, there will be a drop of witchy books for the magical readers out there.

If you’re indecisive or would just enjoy some guidance and suggestions, you can visit Probably Off Reading on TikTok, as she posts her recommendations from books she’s already read and a ton of other bookish content. Don’t forget to check out Romance Book Lovers, Cozy Mystery Book Lovers, and Witchy Bookworms on the 23rd, 25th, and 27th for the full list of books!

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