How to Accept The Massive TBR Monster in Your Life

Every book-ish person is familiar with the TBR monster in their life. Especially when it stares at us. Here are ways to accept and live with this TBR monster.

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Every book-ish person knows the feeling of a TBR monster staring at them. It is a monster composed of a pile of books that grow into the shape of a beast. These monsters create stress and guilt in the reader. The books overwhelm some readers, so they can not look at their beast. However, it is vital to remember that these monsters are not evil but overwhelming. It is possible to reduce the monster to a smaller one if a reader has the time or is mentally in the right place to do so. So, without further ado, let’s look at how to make peace with and accept our TBR beasts.

Location, Location, Location

The first thing to do is figure out where the TBR monster lives. This monster is elusive and hides in different areas of your living space. These places may be in your closet, the corners of your room or library, or simply hiding on your shelves! Additionally, locating these safe places is time-sensitive. It is time-sensitive because most TBR monsters have other safe places they go to.


But it is vital to catch these monsters in their safe places. Their guard will be down, and capturing them by surprise is handy in certain situations. But never catch them by surprise in the first encounter. That is a terrible first impression. In addition to this, remember that these monsters have a few places they feel comfortable in. So you will want to map out where the beast lives and what the secondary locations are.

Approaching the Monster

Second, before you even approach the TBR monster, you should ask permission to approach it. But coming into the monster’s safe space without asking is like breaking into their house. It is rude and could result in bruises. Additionally, you will also want to observe its living patterns before approaching. These patterns will be growling, crying, or other sounds of agony because it is being ignored.


But before you ask, you will want to figure out how to approach this monster. There are different ways to approach it, like reading the beast from top to bottom or bottom to top. Another way is to read the parts that look the most interesting to you. This will create more interest in the monster and give it the attention it wants. A third way is to read the parts that you want to read. Reading these parts builds more confidence and sparks the fire to continue reading. But remember that every TBR monster is different, so these ways may not work.

The Negotiator

Next, you will want to start negotiations. These negotiations can begin from anywhere. Start by thinking about what kind of reader you are. Are you a fast or slow reader? Or somewhere between? Then negotiate with your monster. Always aim for a compromise with your beast. It is possible to take out parts that do not interest you anymore. Or focus on a small portion of the monster.

books-cups-and-food-on-a-round-black-table-and-there-are-women-reading-books-around-it. there-is-a-blue-tbr-monster-on-a-book

However, only you can set a reading goal that accommodates your speed. These goals can help you read your TBR monster. It also gives another way to make the massive monster into a tiny beast.

Accepting the Monster

Accepting the TBR monster is the first step in achieving peace with it. First, stare at the beast from where it is and say, “You do not scare me anymore. I can manage you and all of the piles of books that create you.” Saying this shows the monster that you are in control. The next step is to respect the beast. The way to do this is to follow the steps above. Those steps show how you respect and accept the monster for what it is. It is vital to do this so the beast can feel loved and rewarded for its patience.


The final step is to sit with your TBR monster and talk to it. It is a monster that wants to be loved because it is a pile of books that appeals to you. So spending time with it is a way to maintain peace and friendship.

These TBR monsters are friendly and can have lovely relationships with their reader. But it is up to the reader to start from somewhere, even if it is a small place. There is nothing wrong with taking smaller parts of a TBR and reading whenever possible. But remember that everyone has a different-sized TBR monster. However, different-sized TBR monsters are not terrible. It shows the diversity readers have in choosing which book to read next.

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