Housekeeper: A YA Sci-Fi Webtoon for Thriller Lovers

‘Housekeeper’ is a Webtoon about special AI, Hasty, who is determined to take care of Master Navil who became a zombie.

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Ready for a science fiction Webtoon about an apocalyptic world gone wrong? Housekeeper is set in the future where AI robots are the norm and an unknown virus is spreading around the world. Written by Yongtaek Chae, with art done by Yuhyun, this comic updates every Wednesday.

Housekeeper: Plot


AI robots are fighting against humans for the sake of humanity. The world has fallen into shambles due to a virus outbreak called p-influenza, which turns people into zombie-like creatures. Instead of finding a cure, the government wants to eradicate every infected human. Hasty, a housekeeper AI maid, won’t give up on her master until a cure can be created.




Navil is a young boy whose focus is on art. He was abandoned by his mother when he was little and has been on his own ever since. There is no further explanation of his family background as of now. His only companion was Dr. Crawford, an older woman who was an engineer and knew her way around robots. She would keep him company and let him take things from her scrap yard.

One day he saw a robot with no head and took the pieces to Dr. Crawford. She then made a functioning AI robot with a rabbit head, at first, but then upgraded to a humanoid face. Navil named her Hasty. With widespread news about the virus, he now has Hasty as a maid and companion to keep him company and take care of him. However, when Navil becomes ill, everything changes. But, he’s different from other zombies; he has awareness, and that may be an important key for humanity.



Hasty was just a hunk of scrap in a junkyard when suddenly she is brought back to life. Her new life is with Navil, a young boy who needs to be looked after. With her functions back online, she is determined to fulfill her duty. However, when a virus outbreak occurs, her system cannot identify Navil as human, thus making her overlook him. But something about her is unique; despite what her AI says, she still sees that young boy as her master. Hasty is now determined to help Navil become human again, especially when he shows some human-like behaviors. As their journey begins, Hasty discovers the secrets within her new upgraded form and shows empathy, heart, and compassion.



Mamiya is a registered nurse AI robot. She has been in the woods working with Dr. Francis, a renowned scientist who used to work for the government. When she found a potential cure, Mamiya’s job was to deliver that information to a safe place and have it produced. But little did they know plans would change. Mamiya is the most logical in the group.



Kaira doesn’t follow the rules of AI, she isn’t dressed for a direct purpose, and she is a hacker AI robot, created by her master, who is a mystery. She only wanted to hitch a ride but got caught up in the chaos and purpose of Hasty, Navil, and Mamiya’s mission. Intrigued, she helps them get into the city where there is a possible sanctuary for Navil and potential people who can help Hasty find a cure for this virus. Kaira loves to rebel and goof off, but what’s special about her design is that she can hack other robots and security systems without getting caught, which makes her a great asset for this mission.



Ervin is a Lieutenant for the government’s UN forces, and his mission is to eradicate any zombies. When meeting Hasty, he discovers that she is taking care of a zombie with special awareness. Despite this rare discovery, he has duties to fulfill and launches an attack. Ever since this encounter, he has been working with his superior, Katarina, to find Navil and Hasty.



Katarina is the Chief Commander of Martial Law Troops. She is a ruthless leader who has been following the trail of the possible cure and is now Hasty the AI housekeeper maid. She is intrigued, to say the least, and enjoys playing a cat-and-mouse game. Her goal is to eradicate all zombies and follow the President’s orders. Katarina goes to extremes to get what she wants, will this cause her to blunder?

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