Highly Acclaimed Noise of Time to Be Adapted Into Film

Julian Barnes’ The Noise of Time is set to be adapted into a feature film. Read on to learn more about this upcoming adaptation.

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Julian Barnes’ novels have gained great acclaim for decades, and many have been adapted for the screen. Now, there is a new novel set to be adapted into a film. His historical novel The Noise of Time will be made into a movie by Beta Cinema. It will star August Diehl and Andrea Riseborough with a screenplay by Christopher Hampton. The film will be directed by Jan Komasa. Pre-sales for the film are being launched at the Cannes Film Festival, meaning film should start relatively soon.

The Noise of Time Plot

The Noise of Time follows the life of composer Dimitri Shostakovich. To be more specific, it follows a fictionalized version of Shostakovich’s life, as the book is a historical novel. It takes place in 1930s Russia, a country under Stalin’s rule. Stalin is critical of Shostakovich’s work. Usually, that means Shostakovich would end up in hot water. Fortunately, he is able to get out of Stalin’s harsh words mostly unscathed.

Book cover of The Noise of Time with a person playing a piano against a beige background.

However, what seemingly appears to be luck will become a battle against Shostakovich’s integrity. He is pushed into supporting the Party, what it stands for, and its people, which will give him some power and attention. Will Shostakovich be able to hold on to his morals and his music, or will he succumb to these new opportunities?

Julian Barnes’ Work

Julian Barnes has received high praise for his literary works. His first novel was Metroland, which had positive reviews and was turned into a film starring Christian Bale. His follow-up novels include Staring at the Sun and History of the World in 10 ½ Days. His novel Talking It Over became the French film Love Etc.

Book cover of The Sense of an Ending with a egg laying on a light brown table with a dark gray table.

Barnes gained mainstream success for his historical novel Arthur and George. This novel was a New York Times bestseller and was on the shortlist for the Booker Prize. It was also adapted into a mini-series in Britain. Barnes also had great acclaim for his novel The Sense of an Ending. This novel won The Booker Prize and was adapted into a film. After these novels, Barnes released his memoir, Levels of Life, which he dedicated to his late wife.

August Diehl’s Work

August Diehl has received great recognition for his acting. One of his first big roles was in The Counterfeiters and then his mainstream break came when he was cast in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. He also had a prominent role in the thriller film Salt. Diehl received great praise recently when he starred in the historical epic A Hidden Life.

August Diehl in Inglorious Basterds wearing a Nazi uniform and sitting at a table with a blank expression.

Along with the upcoming adaptation of The Noise of Time, Diehl has many future acting projects lined up. Later this year, Diehl will appear in the World War II drama Bonhoeffer and will star in the fantasy drama The Master and the Margarita. Currently, Diehl is filming the action drama Control. In addition, Diehl has been cast as notorious doctor Joseph Mengle in The Disappearance.

Andrea Riseborough’s Work

In her career, Andrea Riseborough has acted in various films. After starting her career in her home country of England, Riseborough received mainstream acclaim in America for films like The Battle of the Sexes, The Death of Stalin, Birdman, and Nocturnal Animals. Recently, Riseborough starred in the independent drama To Leslie, where her performance was highly praised and earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Andrea Riseborough in To Leslie wearing a green parka and staring at a cigarette in her hand outside near a tall motel sign.

This year, Riseborough appeared in the historical satire miniseries The Regime. For the series, she is currently up for a Gotham TV Award for Outstanding Performance in a Miniseries. In terms of upcoming projects, besides The Noise of Time, Riseborough is set to star in the supernatural thriller Geechee alongside Jamie Foxx. The production is currently suspended due to an injury that happened on set, but it could come back into Riseborough’s future soon.

Christopher Hampton’s Work

Christopher Hampton has made remarkable contributions to theater and film, which is the reason behind his knighthood. He rose to fame with his play Les Liaisons Dangereuses, based on the novel of the same name, and also adapted his play for the screen with the film Dangerous Liaisons. The film won three Academy Awards, including one for Hampton for Best Adapted Screenplay. 

Image from The Father with Anthony Hopkins sitting in a leather back chair with Olivia Colman sitting straight while the two look at each other.

Hampton’s second Oscar nomination came for Atonement, where he was also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. His third nomination in this category was for The Father, in which Hampton won. In terms of upcoming adaptations, along with The Noise of Time, it was recently announced that Hampton would be adapting Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci, a biography of the revered artist.

This upcoming film has a lot of great talent attached to it. The people involved are quite familiar with historical storytelling for film, which makes them well-suited for this project. Between that fact and the unique story, there will likely be a lot of eyes on this film, both for sales and for potential viewers. More exciting details about this film should be revealed when sales are made and when production starts.

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