Here Are 10 Helpful Writing Scholarships Endorsed by Authors

Are you going to college to earn a degree in English literature or creative writing? Apply to these author endorsed writing scholarships to help your tuition costs.

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Colleges not only supply a difficult workload, but they also challenge students financially. That’s why we students love scholarships. Thankfully, these gracious authors endorse writing scholarships that aid struggling college students with semester funds.

Writing scholarships can range from essays to creative storytelling. For the aspiring author, the ladder is usually the preferred method. Believe it or not, students can be granted a large sum of money for writing a good story to pay for school. Are you a student who needs help with paying for your upcoming term? Scan through these ten writing scholarships endorsed by authors.

Bodie McDowell Scholarship

Walter Ray “Bodie” McDowell was a writer and board member for the Outdoor Writers Association of America who focused on stories about the great outdoors. Before he passed away, he created the Bodie McDowell Scholarship, which was later named in his honor.

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Students must submit a form of creative writing that is associated with nature and the outdoors. If you receive the scholarship, you can earn $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the award each year. In addition, you will need letters of recommendation. If you are a writer who enjoys nature, this is definitely the scholarship for you.

Barbara Deming Memorial Fund

Born in 1917, Barbara Deming was a poet, political writer, film critic, and human rights activist. She advocated for LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, desegregation in the South, and more. Through her passion for human rights reform, she founded the Money for Women Fund with her own savings, which was renamed in honor of Deming.

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The fund awards $500 to $2,000 to feminist authors and women visual artists, including transgender and non-binary people. Although the fund is not especially for students, there are no rules stating students cannot apply for it.

Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship

Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Lowell was a poet born in 1874 and died in 1925. She termed and specialized in “unrhymed cadence” to reinstate classical values into poetry and society. Often, she was criticized by modernists for being too traditional in her perspective.

Amy Lowell.

Before she died, Lowell established an annual scholarship for students who are traveling abroad. Apart from being an American-born poet, there is no limitation as to who can apply for this scholarship. This is a great award for those who are or who aspire to be the next generation of poets.

The Susan Kamil Scholarship for Emerging Writers

Bestselling author Charles Duhigg and biology professor Dr. Liz Alter recently established this scholarship in 2024 in honor of Penguin Random House’s executive vice president and publisher Susan Kamil, who died in 2019. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times and a successful novelist, Charles, along with his wife, believe in the importance of writing and storytelling.

Charles Duhigg.

Thus, they heeded Kamil’s past time of recognizing new literary authors by founding this scholarship that funds booksellers and comic retailers to aid aspiring writers. There will be two winners who receive $5,000 each. To be eligible, the participants must be an unpublished author who is currently writing a novel or comic book and must currently work at a physical book store or a comic store in the U.S. The funds may be used to progress the winner’s writing experience, such as college tuition.

James Patterson Writer Education Scholarships

James Patterson is listed as the highest-earning author in the Guinness Book of Records and has written over 300 books. He has even collaborated with famous icons such as Dolly Parton and Bill Clinton. With his major accomplishments, Patterson has partnered with Howard University to fund new writers for their academic fees.

James Patterson.

Students must attend Howard University full-time to apply for this scholarship. Twelve winners will be awarded $10,000 each for their semester tuition. It is Patterson’s mission to lessen the financial stress for aspiring writers so that they may focus on crafting their literary work.

Phyllis Gebauer Scholarship in Writing

Author and UCLA writing instructor Phyllis Gebauer passed away in 2011. She left behind a scholarship opportunity for creative writing and screenwriting students to lift some of the financial burden from their college tuition.

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The fund focuses on diversity as it caters to talented authors from various backgrounds and cultures. This annual scholarship pays for three 10-week courses in creative writing or screenwriting during a single year. The classes may either be online or in-person.

Barbara Abercrombie Creative Writing Scholarship

Another author and UCLA writing instructor, Barbara Abercrombie often encouraged students to take risks and find their inner voices to pave their way to literary artistry. She was known to have helped countless students at UCLA since 1991 until she died in 2022.

Before she passed, she founded a creative writing scholarship for students who aspired to be writers. Each year, four students will be awarded free enrollment in a creative writing course to better shape their literary craft. The winning students can select the course of their choosing.

Angie Thomas Writers Scholarship

New York Times bestselling author Angie Thomas, who has had an onscreen adaptation of her work, is partnered with Belhaven University to award one lucky student with a four-year full-ride scholarship. The fund covers tuition, room, and board for incoming freshmen.

To apply, the student must submit an example of their creative writing in any genre of their choosing. The purpose of this fund is not only to decrease financial stress for students but to also encourage up-and-coming authors to follow their dreams.

Gillian McAllister Novel-Writing Scholarship for Disabled Writers

Gillian McAllister is a literary fiction author who has been a bestseller in the British Sunday Times and New York Times. Her books have been translated into 40 different languages and have sold worldwide. Her success led her to give back to the community by endorsing a scholarship for disabled writers.

Suffering from an illness herself, she understands the struggles disabled individuals have when facing the publishing world. Thus, she partnered with Curtis Brown Creative to award disabled writers with free access to a novel writing course. This will help unpublished authors with their prose and introduce new techniques for aspiring novelists.

Kit de Waal Creative Writing Scholarship

Mandy Theresa O’Loughlin, otherwise known as Kit de Waal, is a British and Irish bestselling author. Being a woman of color and having to struggle with poverty, Waal understands the obstacles some have to overcome to follow their dream of being a novelist.

She endorses this scholarship to help fund students from low-income backgrounds or marginalized groups. It covers two years’ worth of part-time tuition, allows upcoming writers to attend classes in London, provides money for literary material, and even pays for electronic equipment.

All authors know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a future in writing. There is the stress of academic workload, financial issues, and lack of time. That is why we are so grateful for authors giving back to their fans by providing these scholarships that will at least aid one of these obstacles. If you are an aspiring writer and student, I highly suggest browsing through these scholarships and seeing which best fits your needs.

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