Hate Long Lines? Six Short Collections to Read

If waiting on a long line empty handed sounds boring, here are six amazing collections that are short and contain poetry, anthologies, in several genres.

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Don’t you hate waiting in long lines wherever you go? Doesn’t matter the location, being bored on a long line can sour your mood. What if there are short collections of books you can take with you. Short stories and poems that are four hundred pages or less. Here are six short collections to read while waiting in a long line.

1. Yellow Cake by Margo Lanagan


Ten short stories of heartbreak. Several genres range from fairy tales, to fantasy, horror, and reality checks. Despite these amazing genres, each one has a human connection. Get ready for tribulations and temptations in each bite of a story. Slowly savor and ponder over these reads while characters seek strength, may kill for love, and more.

by Maggie Stiefvate, Tessa Gratton, Brenna Yovanoff


Three well-known paranormal fiction writers. This short collection of paranormal stories are expressing each of the author’s creative processes. As these stories unfold before your eyes, enjoy the side notes and critiques within the margins from each other. This mysterious collection of experimentation and improvisation shows you the raw written work of these paranormal authors.

3. Whale Day by Billy Collins


This is the thirteenth poetry collection this author has done. With fifty new poems that showcase playfulness, wit, and wisdom. If you want to mean about the wonders of life, and something light-hearted; I recommend this collection including the previous ones.

4. Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier


A wry short novel that is hilarious. An eighteen-year-old girl who is pregnant and in denial of the fumbles in her life. She is a pizza delivery gal in Los Angeles. She is hilarious and tries to navigate her dysfunctional life. Grieving her dad has caused her to push her supportive mother and boyfriend away. In denial of reality, she has now developed an obsession with her new neighbor. Jenny is a new stay-at-home mom who orders pizzas with pickles on the regular. Soon their age differences blur the lines and soon our eighteen-year-old is caught in a whirlwind she didn’t expect.

5. Obit by Victoria Chang


6. Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans


Thirty-nine-year-old Josie Bordelon’s modeling career has been gone for a while. She is now a director of admissions at a private San Francisco School. Gone are the days of being the ‘it’ black beauty in the 90’s modeling industry. She is single and not so ready to mingle. She has a seventeen-year-old daughter, Etta, who she wants to protect from heartbreak and dating. But her daughter has other plans, and her sister Aunt Viv is supporting Etta. In a matriarch home, Aunt Viv encourages Josie to hit the dating scene. But is Josie ready for that step? And what about her daughter, can she really let her daughter explore the wonders of loving? With the push and pull of office and heart, Josie must find a home.

These delectable reads will have you ignoring those long lines and focusing on the twists and turns of these possible collection choices. For more on book recommendations go to Bookstr.