Haruki Murakami’s New Exciting Novel After Six Years

After six long years, Haruki Murakami’s newest novel will finally hit English bookstores. Read more to find out more about this upcoming book!

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Haruki Murakami's new novel, The City and Its Uncertain Walls on a gold background.

To the excitement of many, Haruki Murakami’s first novel in six years, The City and Its Uncertain Walls, will be published by Harvill Secker in November 2024. What began as a Japanese novel that was released in April 2023 will finally be translated and available to a new audience.

A Legendary Author

A brief but mysterious and gripping promotional teaser described the story as: “Must go to the city. No matter what happens. A locked up ‘story’ starts to move quietly as if ‘old dreams’ are woken up and unraveled in a secluded archive.” Thankfully, information on the plot is being withheld by the publisher. If anyone is a Murakami fan, it’s always best to go in reading his work with as little knowledge of the story as possible. The small piece of information that’s been shared is that the story takes place in a town that readers of Murakmai might remember.

Haruki Murakami with his signature on the side.

The novel can be broken down into three segments. To preserve everyone’s safety in not knowing about this story, Murakami describes the first section as something he always wanted to write about. A short story he wrote in 1980 spurred his inspiration to begin this new novel. Originally, he felt as though the story could be rewritten; before he knew it, he found himself unable to stop writing.

Harvill Secker calls it “a love story, a quest, an ode to books and to the libraries that house them, and a parable for these strange post-pandemic times.” Murakami is known for his dreamlike stories with intricate plots and rich atmospheres that take any reader to a new place and time. It’s a relief that we don’t have to wait too much longer to read his new and exciting work.

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