Great Bald Eagle Books to Celebrate the U.S’s Symbol

Bald eagles are so majestic, and they’re important birds in North America. Here are a few books about them!

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The bald eagle is the national symbol of the United States. The forefathers chose it to represent strength and freedom, two qualities important to the U.S. founding. They aren’t just found in the U.S., though, but also in Canada and Mexico. Let’s take a look at some interesting reads on the bold and beautiful bird.

1. The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America’s Bird


Jack E. Davis tells the bald eagles’ history, as well as American history, in this fantastic book. It goes back to before the U.S.’s founding when these birds lived peacefully with indigenous people before the colonizers came. The book also discusses how the bald eagle, despite being the nation’s symbol, was hunted and poached and nearly driven to extinction not once, but twice. The first time was in the mid-to-late 1800s, and the second time 100 years later. Despite everything they had endured, bald eagles rose up again. This book details their incredible resilience and strength.

2. Bald Eagles: The Ultimate Raptors


Stan Tekiela’s book is about bald eagles’ behavior, including his own observations and detailed research, as well as photos he took of the birds. Tekiela is an award-winning wildlife photographer. People tend to think of bald eagles as majestic but dangerous, or predators they wouldn’t want to mess with. But in this book, the birds are shown taking care of their young (they are known as excellent parents), and engaging in courtship rituals, etc. It’s easy to read, and it’s perfect for anyone interested in bald eagles.

3. Illustrated Bald Eagle: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Woodcarvers, and Artists


Denny Rogers and Lori Corbett wrote and illustrated this detailed book with visual guides that are easy to understand. Artists can use this book as a guide to draw, sculpt, paint, etc. bald eagles, as it is difficult to capture their image unless an artist has a live bird as a model. Readers can also learn about their habitats, proportions, physiology, and more. Any person who loves bald eagles, or who wants to use them as an art subject, should buy this book. (It can be a general read as well, but the subject matter is more specialized.)

4. 40 Years from the Brink of Extinction: America’s Bald Eagle


John D. Chaney wanted to document bald eagles for future generations after hearing they were in danger. They were put on the endangered species list for the second time in 1976 due to DDT pollution. (This synthetic insecticide was banned in 1972 after three decades of use.) The eagles were only taken off the list in 2007—over 30 years after they were first put on the list. The book is full of pictures Chaney took over the decades, as well as his own observations. He pays tribute not only to the success story of the bald eagle and its resilience in a time when they were almost certain to go extinct but also to those who helped protect them.

5. Bald Eagle Coloring Book: 30 Pictures About the National Emblem of the US to Color and Unwind


Okay, so this book isn’t exactly educational, but it’s fun. Coloring books don’t have an age limit, and they can help with stress. Plus, these drawings vary in complexity, so you can color in a simple one or a more complicated one. The pictures are beautiful and show bald eagles resting, flying, on the hunt, etc. Each one is different and shows another side of these wonderful birds. Get it as a gift for yourself or for a bird lover.

These fantastic and powerful birds deserve our respect and admiration. The U.S. bald eagle population now stands at over 300,000, but they have been struggling with avian flu since last year. Hopefully, this will not push them to extinction again—but we all need to be mindful and careful.

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