Gothic Reading With Our Bookstagrammer of the Week: @pachnace_cynamonem

We’re talking to the ‘it’ girl of East Poland! That’s right, our Bookstagrammer of the Week is fulfilling our gothic fantasies! Let’s meet Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem!

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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! We’re back with our recurring series featuring Bookstagram accounts that we think deserve your attention and your adoration! This week, we’re traveling to Poland to talk with Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem! If you’re looking for a bookish account that has cool girl energy and the dark academia aesthetic of your dreams, look no further than our current Bookstagrammer of the Week. We’re talking with Misza about her roots and love of gothic horror fiction! So let’s get ready to talk with Misza!


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Bookstagrammer of the Week, Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem

Bookstagram, horror literature
cr. Misza / @pachnace_cynamonem

If you aren’t quite familiar with our Bookstagrammer of the Week series, allow me to clue you in! Every week, our outreach team scours the Internet for Bookstagram accounts that we can’t get out of our heads. The team contacts these accounts and we interview them to get the low down on their Bookstagrammer experience. As I said, this week we’re heading out to Poland to meet Misza, and let me tell you about her–she is fantastic and her images look like I pulled them off of Pinterest.

Misza’s first language isn’t English, so there might be slight grammatical edits made by our article author.

Now let’s get to know Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem! I’ve already kind of teased this, but one way that we can get to know you is by learning where you’re from!

Where are you from? And do you happen to have a favorite bookstore close to home?

I am from a very small town located on the East side of Poland and unfortunately, the only bookstores that are here are chain stores. I am really in love with antiquaries and recently I fell in love with Armchair Books when I visited Edinburgh last year.

Bookstagrammer of the Week, Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem

Bookstagram, horror literature
cr. Misza / @pachnace_cynamonem

Us small-town girlies got to stick together! Growing up I was like an hour and a half from the closest bookstore. Clearly from your account, we can tell that reading is a big part of your life.

When did you first get into reading?

Books have been with me since I can remember. Even though I could not read or write as a small child, I wanted to get to know stories and create new ones, even in the form of pictures. When I was in primary school, reading was a form of escape [from reality] for me because I was really lonely and quiet. I visited the school library almost every day and devoured books, especially creepy ghost stories.

I can totally relate to that. My favorite ghost stories in the school library were Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark! Reading offers a great place for us to run to when our surroundings become too overwhelming.

Horror literature is a big part of your Bookstagram account! What do you love about the genre?

I simply love everything spooky and atmospheric and as a consequence, I am really into gothic horror. This genre is an artistic mixture of dark romanticism, fear, and supernatural elements. I would say that type of fiction is sophisticated, romantic, and just beautiful, that is why I love it so much. When I am reading it I feel like I am in a haunted Victorian mansion and…it calms me down somehow.

Bookstagrammer of the Week, Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem

Bookstagram, horror literature
cr. Misza / @pachnace_cynamonem

I definitely agree that horror literature has an aura of sophistication. It kind of garners that type of respect from its readers. Being in Europe you have access to such amazing gothic architecture that gives you fantastic backgrounds for some of your posts!

If you could choose any time period to live in, which would you choose and why?

I would say Victorian era, but only because I love that fashion and manners. We all know that this period of time was really hard for women and for those who were not lucky to be born into a rich family.

You definitely aren’t wrong. If you did something even remotely out of character you were either a witch or insane–always a fun time, right? Thankfully, we were born into the 21st century and have access to a wide range of…well everything.

Your followers can always trust you to recommend amazing books. What is one book you’d recommend everyone needs to read?

I would recommend reading Bone China by Laura Purcell. It’s an amazing gothic story written by a contemporary writer. That story is a mix of dark fairytale and psychological thriller with traits of Celtic folklore–simply amazing!

We have just a few more questions for Misza, so our time with her is almost up. However (!) this doesn’t have to be the end of your adoration of Misza’s content! You can follow her on her Instagram–@pachnace_cynamonem–to experience top-notch gothic content all year round!

Personally, I think a great way to learn about someone is through their favorite things or things they relate to!

Which fictional character do you feel most connected to, and why?

I feel the strongest connection to Misa Amane from Death Note. She is the mix of cuteness and spiciness and does everything for her loved ones. Also, her taste in fashion is amazing and similar to mine!

Bookstagrammer of the Week, Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem

Bookstagram, horror literature
cr. Misza / @pachnace_cynamonem

So Misza, you’re running a successful Bookstagram account and have been for a minute now! I’m sure that you’ve gotten quite a bit of advice from your fellow Bookstagram accounts.

Some of our readers are aspiring Bookstagrammers, so what is one thing that your Bookstagram has taught you?

While being here I learned to be more gentle to myself as a creator. I don’t have to be perfect but I need to be true to myself and people would appreciate it. When I first started my account it was a bit hard for me, as I was always thinking of what people would like to see on my profile. It was burning me out so I decided to stick to what I liked to read and post whenever I like. That is when I started to have fun with having a Bookstagram.

And that’s that! We had such a fun time talking with Misza of @pachnace_cynamonem, our current Bookstagrammer of the Week! Be sure to follow her on Instagram to consume her content all year long. Make sure that you’re on the lookout for our graphic feature of Misza, as well! Our Bookstagrammer specialist, Karly Kolehouse, has made some gorgeous graphics to showcase Misza’s feature–and you’ve just got to see them!

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