Goosebumps for Grown-Ups: Adult Fiction By R.L. Stine

When you were a kid, did you take a walk on Fear Street? Did it give you Goosebumps? Are you all grown-up now? Here are four books R.L. Stine wrote just for adult you!

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Whether you started with Stephen King or the “Stephen King of children’s literature,” you have that passion for stories that scare, thrill, and surprise you. R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps crept into our young impressionable imaginations, with over 400 million copies distributed worldwide, and inspired several generations of horror fans and writers with his stories of myths, monsters, ghosts, and twisted endings. But Stine hasn’t forgotten about the fans that grew up, and he can do more than scare the 10-year-old version of you. Here are four books R.L. Stine wrote just for the grown-ups!

The Urban Legend for the Teenage Reader

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Best known for his thriller series Goosebumps and Fear Street, R.L. Stine has been terrifying children and teens for over 35 years, now with remade movies and a hit new TV show. Stine has a special way of taking older kids and putting them through a myriad of horrific and suspenseful paranormal experiences — all becoming eternal urban legends in American horror culture. But sometimes, just sometimes, he makes something just for us grown-ups. Read on for the R.L. Stine books that can only be found in the adult section!


The Power and Danger of Superstition

The Stunning Adult Fiction Debut of Bestselling Author R.L. Stine. Superstition. Dark blue background with a black cat with an arched back in the center.

What starts as a quirky love story between professor and student, Superstitious quickly turns into a tale of dark secrets and controlling obsession. Sweet graduate student Sara falls in love with the extremely superstitious Professor Liam and promptly marries him. The honeymoon phase does not last long here, and pretty soon, his superstitious control gets worse, and the gruesome bodies of their acquaintances start piling up. Is he the killer? One thing’s for sure: there is definitely something he’s not telling her.

The Sitter

When Nanny Gigs Turn Deadly…

R.L. Stine Bestselling author of Eye Candy. The Sitter. Summer jobs can be murder... Dark blue background with the center showing a fuzzy picture of a man wearing round sunglasses. The title is reflected in one lens, and a woman looking over her shoulder in fear is reflected in the other.

A glamourous job as a nanny in the Hamptons- a paid summer escape from the big city. Cash, beautiful beaches, and a romantic fling with the hot gardener. What on earth could ruin a dream gig like this? Why not a stalker who knows her darkest secrets? Here she is, trying to bond with her adorable four-year-old charge and enjoy this fabulous sunshine when threatening messages and ominous gifts start showing up. Somebody knows about the worst night of her life, and they want to kill her for it. Enjoy your stay and face your fears in the Hamptons with The Sitter.

Eye Candy

Careful Who You Meet on the Internet….

R.L. Stine bestselling author of The Sitter. Eye Candy. She's got killer looks- and a deadly admirer. Red and orange background with a fuzzy picture of a woman wearing red lipstick and sunglasses in the center of the cover.

Eye Candy, later turned into a hit MTV series, is about cyberstalking and the hazards of online dating. Young and beautiful in New York City, Lindy has trouble connecting with men beyond her looks. What’s a girl to do? Try online dating, * of course *! With the help of her trusted bestie, they call her profile “Eye Candy,” and Lindy is soon dating four yummy men. Before long, she falls victim to a cyberstalking serial killer. Held hostage by promises to kill her if she tells anyone or stops seeing any of the four men, she can’t trust anyone. Good thing she isn’t a helpless victim….

Red Rain

This Is One of Those Creepy Ol’ Evil Twin Stories.

New York Times bestselling author R.L. Stine. Red Rain. "Shocking..terrifying...Keep this book far, far away from your kids."-Douglas Preston. cover art is a drop of liquid dropping into more liquid, all with a red color.

Inspired by the films Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned, R.L. Stine wrote Red Rain for his older 1990s fans. Lea meant well. She really did. After all, they were orphaned boys, victims of an extraordinarily bad hurricane on a small remote island with its own set of weird burial rituals. How could she have known it would go so wrong when she brought them home? Chock full of dark supernatural abilities, the newly adopted twins soon terrorize everyone around them. They frame poor Mark, their adopted father, for several murders, and no one will believe his innocence. Can Lea save what’s left of her real family?

These four books prove that R.L. Stine is not only a master of horror for children and teens but also a killer writer for grown-ups. These adult-fiction books showcase his ability to create twisted, suspenseful, and sometimes humorous stories that appeal to the older fanbase. Whether he is writing about a college professor who is haunted by a curse, a babysitter who is stalked by a killer, a serial murderer who targets online daters, or a pair of evil twins who wreak havoc on a family, Stine never fails to deliver a thrilling and satisfying read. His adult fiction books are a must-read for every fan of horror and mystery and a testament to his talent and legacy as an author.

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