George Orwell and the Books That Made History

In this article, it explores how George Orwell’s books impacted society. These books are extremely important to this day.

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Notably, George Orwell was an English writer who focused on social issues. Significantly, George Orwell wasn’t his real name; his real name was Eric Arthur Blair. In fact he was born in 1903 and a majority of his writing talked about corruption in the government. Seeing that he was a democratic socialist, George Orwell was afraid of dictatorships. For one thing, both his essays and novels created mistrust in the government. After reading his books, society began to fear the future would turn to tyranny and oppression of their freedom. In effect, these are the books that made history.

1. Animal Farm

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Due to the book’s popularity, it still strikes conversation today. Given that this book references his other book Russian Revolution, it was meant to be satirical and to mock the dictator Joseph Stalin. Provided that George Orwell’s belief in social justice, he fought the idea of authoritarian rulers. Surprisingly, animals were equal to humans in this book. For this reason, the pigs were the same as humans; both dirty and greedy. Consequently, the public agreed with his views, but were too afraid to speak out before. As a result, George Orwell used analogies to continue writing his personal beliefs to connect with society who felt the same exact way.

2. 1984

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In reality, this book was a futuristic novel where he had made predictions about society and the changes in government. Thus, he revealed the truth about politics and how politicians manipulated the rules to get what they want. Yet, people assumed this book was a direct attack on the Soviet Union. However, its purpose was to show America its own issues. To say nothing of the fear this created, would be an understatement. When people read this book everyone assumed the government was wrong and abused their power. Now, that same mistrust continues because of his statements.

3. A Collection of Essays

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If his books were influential, his essays were even more so. Provided that most of his essays explore human morality, one in particular stands out. When Shooting an Elephant was published, people talked about whether an individual was more important than society. That is to say that George Orwell regreted his decision to conform. Then his explanation was that a force of power was too controlling. By all means, his decision to kill the elephant was only because others pressured him to. During the killing, this led to a long and difficult death for the elephant. As a result, people wondered whether following society was a good thing. In detail, a person’s identity was cut at the cost of society.

4. Down and Out in Paris and London

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Since writing this book, it explored poverty in France and England during war. For George Orwell, this was a personal memior as he recounted the struggles. Most compelling evidence was the fact that he had little money. By all means, George Orwell had to survive working endless jobs, while living in shelters. Under those circumstances, his audience was upper classes that were educated. Especially, the people who were better off, but aware of the issues with poverty. With this in mind, he hoped for people to step in and help. When he pointed out these issues, society began to realize that people were in need and that Paris and London weren’t perfect.

5. Coming Up For Air

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Being that modern times were approaching, this book explains the issues every common man faced. Another key point is that a specific man wanted to relive his childhood when there were less problems. Seeing that war was approaching, this man was afraid of authority abusing their power and manipulating the people. After all, this particular book made individuals sell their belongings to avoid poverty. Equally, the panic made more people afraid of losing their jobs and paying off debt. Moreover, the main take from this book was George Orwell’s debate on how capitalism would ruin the economy, which in turn changed society’s view of the future.

Overall, these books each changed history in different ways, but shared the ideas of socialism. Given these points, George Orwell was aware that people reacted to his writing and wanted more people to react. To summarize, his goal was to spark change to avoid corruption and misuse of power held in government. Altogether, these books served as a tool guide to help everyone in need, and brought attention to social issues. Ultimately, without his writing society may have never changed or become the very thing he predicted. By and large, George Orwell changed history through his books and influenced today’s government, people, and society.

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