Frankenstein Meets Rom-Com in Upcoming Sally Thorne Novel

Can true love be built in a laboratory? We might have an answer! Celebrate Frankenstein Day with this new historical rom-com adaptation by Sally Thorne.

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Sally Thorne Frankenstein Rom-Com

What are two things you wouldn’t think to put in the same sentence? Rom-Com and Frankenstein come to my mind, but Sally Thorne does just that in her upcoming novel.

While some people tend to celebrate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein every day, especially during spooky season, others can use today as a celebration to the gothic classic that paved the way for the gothic genre. Frankenstein has been adapted into many things ranging from science fiction novels to horror movies, but Sally Thorne is taking a different approach and we are absolutely here for it. Who wouldn’t want to read a Frankenstein Rom-Com centered around Victor’s sister?

Contemporary romance meets Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in Sally Thorne’s upcoming novel Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match. The author of The Hating Game has put her own twist on the iconic gothic tale focusing on Victor Frankenstein’s sister who attempts to create the perfect man. The Frankenstein’s always find true love, but Angelika has run out of options. Fearing she won’t find a suitor, she takes a page out of her brother’s handbook. She is going to create her own.

Obviously, this would be love at first sight, right? Of course not. Everything gets turned upside down when her suitor (named Will for now) becomes focused on figuring out who he really is after waking up with amnesia. She built the perfect man in a laboratory, but can chemistry be built in one too? We will have to wait and see!

Celebrate Frankenstein Day by preordering your copy now! Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match releases September 6th, 2022. 

Sally Thorne Frankenstein Rom-Com
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