‘Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper’: A Female Athlete’s Dream

Read this graphic novel for the sports-savvy that shows different family dynamics. ‘Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper’ gives inspiration for young female athletes.

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Brie Spangler brings on a new middle-grade graphic novel about a baseball-obsessed seventh grader. For those who enjoy baseball, this will be a great read that connects with your passion for sports and the importance of family support. Taking place in Fox Point, Rhode Island, the protagonist struggles to balance school life, home, self-confidence, and family balance. Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper empowers young female athletes and is perfect for fans of Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl

The Plot in Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper

Gemma is no ordinary seventh grader. She is more of a responsible adult than a relaxed kid. Her family is obsessed with baseball– it’s the glue that ties them together. However, with her Mom gone and her dad working overtime, she is now the parent, taking care of the rest of her family. She doesn’t have time to think about her future, especially when she’s scrambling to feed her young twin brothers and help her older brother Teddy with his bat swings.

When given a school assignment on her family tree, she has trouble finding her place in it. It seems that Teddy is the star of the family– a young baseball player with the opportunity to go to the big leagues– a future her family hasn’t had.

Her father is very supportive, but what about her dreams? She loves baseball too, but can she even think about a future career in it when she has to do the chores and her school work? Why does Teddy get all the credit when she’s the one pitching on the mound? Why is her closest friend taking an interest in making new friends? Her mother hasn’t come home and it is all exhausting and overwhelming. With life throwing all these curveballs, can she pursue her baseball dreams?

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My Thoughts After Reading Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper

This graphic novel brought attention to family dynamics, growing up, passion, and support. Gemma Hopper is the second eldest of the family, but she has become the parent of the house. With her mother gone and her father working overtime, she has to step in. With three siblings to feed, in addition to doing laundry and chores; she doesn’t have much time for anything else. The family’s love for baseball seemed to be the glue that kept them all connected.

Ever since her brother received a baseball opportunity of a lifetime, it’s always been about pursuing his career and just helping him by pitching on the mound. Suddenly, her feelings are put on the back burner. Little did she know, her brother Teddy has family expectations and pressure on his shoulders throughout the school. Gemma and Teddy are great examples of being on two sides of the same coin. They both share a passion for a baseball career yet one is praised more than the other for their efforts to help the family.

Soon you start to see Gemma unravel and find solace in herself along with unexpected allies that come near the end of the novel. It shows female athlete representation and chasing your dreams even when it seems out of reach.

Want Your Own Copy?

Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper will release April 11, 2023. If you want to read more of Brie Spangler’s work try reading Stinky Boys Club Series, The Caped 6th Grader Series, and Beast. Preorder Fox Point’s Own Gemma Hopper on Penguin Random House.

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