Four Environment-Themed YA Books to Celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Add these books to your list of ways to celebrate.

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Today is Earth Day, when we care about the environment and have a green thumb. Of course, we should be considerate to our planet every day. However, we acknowledge the work that has been done and can be done by doing the little things such as recycling and conserving energy. When it comes to learning about the environment, here are environment-themed YA books that celebrate Earth day by discussing the potential disasters the planet can face.

1. Earth Girl by Janet Edwards


This book shows the awareness of planet fatality with a girl who needs the Earth to survive. This is the first book of the Earth Girl series. Earth must be saved, which is an enviornmental thought that pairs well with Earth Day thinking.

The year is 2788 and only the handicapped live on Earth. Other planets are there to explore, but for eighteen year old Jarra she can only surive on planet Earth. When she was born, she was sent to Earth due to her weak immune system. Abandoned by her parents she soon created a background of having military parents.

She must hide in order to survive and blend in. She joins a class on Earth whith students who dig into the ruins of the cities. When a skyscraper collapses on a research team, her being part of the rescue puts her in the limelight. But Jarra must decieive them all to surive, even the classmate she has developed feelings for.

However, when a solar storm is heading towards earth, they must evacuate, but with Jarra’s vulnerable immune system, can she hide and find a way to leave?

2. Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer


Also, the first book of the serieis, themes of family, earth disasters and nature occurances during hard times; makes this book a heart pounding read. In the form of journal entries we read Miranda’s story.

Miranda is shocked when a meteor hits the moon which makes it move closer to the Earth. Now natural disasters such as tsunamies, earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions are occuring. Her family needs to prepare for survival. When her mother, and two brothers decide to hide in the sunroom, it’s stocked with resources and limited water supplies. Find out more of Miranda’s journey with her family to figure out a way to sway nature to not strike too hard.

3. Milo and Marcus at the End of the World by Kevin Christopher Snipes


This LGBTQ love story can be seen as a metaphorical disaster but also literal disaster, since environmental occurances happen.

Milo Connolly is a well behaved church boy who has survived three years of high school without any teenage disaster. However, when Marcos Price comes into the picture again, his hidden feelings resurface. He tries to keep his head down, but the charismatic dreamboat is irresistable.

As they start to pull closer together, so do the strange occurances happening in their town in Florida. Their attraction gets closer, so do sinkholes, hailstorms and blackouts. Is this nature sending them a message? Will love be too risky if the world falls apart?

4. When We Were Lost by Kevin Wignall, James Patterson


Tom Calloway didn’t want to go on the Costa Rica field trip. However, it ends before it even starts. The plan crashes in a South African rainforest, all the adults dead, and several classmates. The ones who survived must go through the remote jungle and face the dangers in this thriller.

Many of his classmates die due to animals, wildlife, insects and horrible heat. The earth can be dangerous for those who aren’t prepared. Now is the time to stick together and be aware. However, the panic, desperation and trauma are hard to cope with. The fight for leadership causes many high schoolers to go agaisnt each other. Tom wonders if they can survive the forest and each other.

When evidence shows their are other people, survivors? Tom is curious if this a miracle or another danger in disguise.

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