Fortune Cookies I’d Give To These ‘Hunger Games’ Characters

Fortune Cookies—the perfect treat for after you’ve stuffed yourself at your favorite American-Chinese restaurant. They’re not too sweet, and they’re always entertaining.

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If I could give fortune cookies to five characters from The Hunger Games, these are the ones I would choose!

Katniss Everdeen


Sometimes I think the whole Hunger Games series could have been much less complicated and dramatic if Katniss just figured out who she really was, who she wanted to be with, and what her goals were. She just needed some time with herself to figure things out! And while The Hunger Games were somewhat like a giant game of murder hide and seek, some alone time for Katniss to think about what she wanted, without her life constantly being on the line, would have done her wonders.

Thresh Morrowson


If only someone could have given Thresh these helpful words of wisdom before he got chased down and eaten by the Mutts. You didn’t need to be faster than the Mutts, Thresh, just faster than Cato.

Haymitch Abernathy


Practically everyone in Panem knows about Haymitch and his drinking problem. Maybe this fortune cookie could have helped him realize how much his excessive alcohol intake was having an impact on his internal organs. On the other hand, Haymitch did have to go through and witness some pretty terrible things, so can we really blame him for drinking so much?

President Snow


If anyone deserved to die alone and poorly dressed, it was President Snow. He was responsible for the murder of countless innocent people, and he never felt an ounce of remorse for any of the killings, since he always found a way to justify it to himself. If only he knew that was exactly how he would die. Alone, poorly dressed, and choking on his own blood.

Finnick Odair


Too soon? In all seriousness, Finnick was my favorite character in the whole trilogy, and he died far too soon. Also, because of President Snow, he spent a lot of his life after winning the 65th Hunger Games simply existing for the enjoyment of others. He deserved so much more time to be able to enjoy his life with his wife and their newborn son. Why did he have to die, Suzanne?

I don’t know about you, but today sounds like a perfect day to rewatch The Hunger Games along with getting takeout and fortune cookies!

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