Former OpenAI Employees Warn of AI Risks

In an open letter to CNN, former OpenAI employees warn that AI development companies may not be transparent about the risks surrounding AI.

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AI is quickly embedding itself into businesses and social media platforms across the world. Some are wary of the new technology. Could their worries be validated?

We have all read books or watched movies about robots and technology ending the human race. In the past, the idea has been a sci-fi fantasy that only existed for our entertainment. With the creation and expansion of AI, however, the world is debating if we are witnessing these plots come to life. Although some say that the public is overreacting to the technology, OpenAI insiders suggest that there are legitimate risks in using AI.

What is OpenAI?

Founded in 2015, OpenAI is a company that researches and develops artificial general intelligence products for business and personal usage. They pride themselves on being “safe and beneficial” to all of humanity.

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They constructed ChatGPT, a chat box for personal assistance, and API, a system for multiple computer programs to communicate. Educators, business teams, and regular civilians can purchase this software through the OpenAI official website.

What are the OpenAI insiders’ warnings?

Former OpenAI employees shared an open letter with CNN about their concerns with transparency among AI companies. According to the group, companies that develop AI are not informing the public of the “serious risks” that come with using the technology.

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Though they are not suggesting that the end of the world has finally come, they are demanding that companies do not disregard open criticism from the public. They believe that the public should know all of the future pathways AI could carve, both negatively and positively, and how civilians can better protect their privacy.

It is even suggested that our government step in to regulate the laws surrounding AI and its usage since the technology has been growing at a faster rate than possible protection laws due to commercial pressures. The insiders not only acknowledge the public’s concerns about AI but encourage everyone to seriously debate how we want to move forward with our utilization of it.

How did OpenAI respond?

The company sent its own response to CNN stating that they have already put in protective measures to ensure the safety of its buyers. Not only are they “proud of their track record” for developing the safest version of AI as of today, but they also agree that “rigorous debate is crucial” when dealing with this powerful form of technology.

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OpenAI even offers an “anonymous integrity hotline and a Safety and Security Committee” to better protect its customers. Being one of the leading AI development companies in the world, they guarantee thorough research before allowing their products to hit the market.

While I am not one to stay updated on new technology, I find that AI is hard to escape in this day and age. From social media to education platforms, artificial intelligence is ingrained into all of our lives. It has been a major concern among authors and book cover designers that AI will eventually take over their jobs as the technology has begun inserting itself into the creative world. Are their worries valid? Take heed of these warnings as AI could affect not only the business world but the literary world, too.

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