‘Fool Me Twice’: A Love Triangle Drama Webtoon

‘Fool Me Twice’ is a Webtoon drama with a love triangle. Artist, Min is still getting over his ex. Two years later he sees her again but his neighbor changes his life.

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A possible love triangle is emerging with the new Webtoon Fool Me Twice by JiJi. This comic updates every Monday and focuses on a college student who has to see his ex but connects with his aggressive yet kind neighbor. This is a perfect romance to start the spring.

Fool Me Twice: Plot


According to Min Kim, one relationship can make or break your college life. Freshman year changed his life and it didn’t have a happy ending. Min Kim has his heart broken by upperclassman Bora Kwon. That was two years ago; he came back from his military service hoping for a fresh start. But he stumbles into his ex-lover when he has a class with her. He tries to move on and let old wounds go. Trying to adjust back into college life he bumps into Jina Bae, a fire-cracker girl who is his next-door neighbor. Despite her aggressive behavior towards him initially, she somehow finds a place in his life but can she mend his heart?

Meet the Fools

Min Kim

Min wearing plaid and a blue hoodie

Min was so happy and deeply enamored with Bora. During his freshman year of college, his love inspired his art and he did a project based on their relationship. But when Bora broke up with him, he was devastated. Two years later, he’s back after his military service. He wants time to heal and to focus on his art. But, she is back and is smiling as if nothing happened. Determined to get over her, he tries not to be a pushover. But so far he’s paired with her and his old friend with a project and now his past project is the highlight of his class. In addition, he bumps into his neighbor Jina, who is rude from the start and immediately has a bad impression of him. Despite their bumpy start she seems to grow on him. But can he mend his heart through this potential neighbor friendship? Will his artistic muse be stuck on Bora?

Bora Kwon

Bora holding her pastel purple hair

She has taken a few years to herself after Freshman year. Now she’s back and is shocked to see Min again. Rumors have been going around of her being flirtatious and clinging to new guys. although we can’t know for sure if she had ill intent with these short relationships, it’s clear that she still has an interest in Min. She insists they eat together and hang out. But why does she cozy up to Min’s friend? Why are there girls accusing her of stealing their boyfriends and then discarding them? There is more to the story but the way she looks at Jina with annoyance, it seems she finds Min’s neighbor as a threat.

Jina Bae

Jina holding a heart-shaped bag

She grew up in a household of a retired wrestler, her father, and athletic older brothers. She may be the only daughter in the family but she is strong and a little hot-headed. When bumping into Min in a compromising position she immediately thinks he was being intentional. but when he says he has a girlfriend she freezes. In addition to being neighbors, they have a class together and she finds out about his connection to Bora and how artistic he is. Although, he seems to avoid Bora, there is something there she can’t put her finger on. But as they spend time together, surprisingly he is more thoughtful and kind than she initially thought.

Hyeonjae Jang

Jang wearing a red apron

He is a waiter but is studying in the Department of Police Administration. He seems to know Bora or is aware of the rumors. However, it’s not said if he is interested in her or annoyed by her presence. His first impression leads Min to think he is interested in him romantically. However, his interest lies in his Freshman comic project. It moved him to tears and he respects and is a little obsessed with Min’s art. Will he be good friend material? Why the fixed obsession and insistence on hanging out together?

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