Flowers, But Not For You Unravel the Mysterious Garden

Ready for a supernatural flower mystery? Webtoon ‘Flowers,But Not For You’, is about a strange garden that has a complex pattern within. Can the three people escape and figure out something about themselves?

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Want a heartwarming story with flowers? Add some supernatural mystery, and you have Flowers, But Not For You, a Webtoon about a mysterious garden with certain people inside. Can they escape, what makes this garden strange, and will they learn something about themselves? Creator Witherling encourages readers, “Let’s take a walk in the gardens.”

Flowers, But Not For You Plot


Three people cross fates—two he met in one mysterious garden. Zelwyn was just running, he threw his sandals over a gate and followed after. Now he is in a mysterious garden. This garden is vibrant and filled with flowers of all kinds. However, at first, it seemed dark and mysterious. Soon he discovers he’s not alone. but can he figure out a way to escape and go back to face his past?

Meet the Flower Garden Dwellers




Zelwyn’s past is a mystery. All we know is that he was running away from something. He jumped over the gate and was met with darkness and then was submerged into a garden. This garden is like a puzzle. At first, he is calmly assessing his dilemma, but soon meets Edie, who is kind enough to help him find a way. Along the way, he encounters another person with a bear claw for a hand. With these three in the garden, they must work together to find the exit.



Edie has fallen down a well looking for her precious necklace. She has been to this garden numerous times and can always find her way out. She has figured out patterns and the changing of the gardens. However, upon meeting Zelwyn it seems impossible. When Zelwyn helps her out of the well, they go search for a way out together. However, she didn’t expect to see Jonathan again. She hasn’t seen him in a long time. We don’t know her relationship or their past, but clearly there are some unresolved issues.



Jonathan has enjoyed his alone time. He hasn’t seen Edie in a while and is content sitting and reading his book. He is blessed with a gift from the garden, a bear claw for a hand. He has no clue about its purpose. Soon he isn’t alone, a new face and Edie. Their past is a mystery and rocky one, they don’t get along. He is sarcastic, the quiet type. But he shows more expression towards Edie’s comments. He decides to join them in helping Zelwyn out of the garden. Does he want to leave the garden too?

This Webtoon is a supernatural one, if you enjoy the numerous questions about these characters and the garden itself, read this comic.

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