Five Uplifting Books to Rekindle Your Inner Creative Soul

Feeling astray from your creative mind? Check out some of these remarkably inspiring books to help reboot your inner artist!

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Image of two book covers, one being Invisible Things and the other is Unravel. Both covers are next to a drawn out face with a butterfly on the head.

Ever feel like you are in a rut and lost your creative touch? As an artist, I cannot express how often I have felt disconnected from my imaginative side. Sometimes you lose touch with your inner artist, and that is totally normal! The best way to cure your inner inventive self is to get your creative gears rolling again. If I am ever feeling lost I will self-journal, make a cup of tea, and scroll on Pinterest. But my absolute favorite activity to get inspired is to crack open one of these ingenious books and recharge my creative persona!

Secret Worlds: A Magical Color and Search Journey by Stephanie Law

Front Cover of Stephanie Law's Secret Worlds, Showing a unicorn surrounded by a half colored world with beautiful flowers and assorted nature-related pieces.

Calm, collected, and coloring fun! This adult coloring book is one of my favorite creative downtimes. The pictures are quite detail-oriented, and every picture has its own unique coloring experience. I love to color whenever I am feeling low on my creative energy, and I always forget I can color as an adult, too! Though I recommend this specific coloring book because of its wondrous picture choices, any adult coloring book should help get your creative fairy back into motion. 

Wreck This Journal: Now in Color by Keri Smith

Front image of Keri Smith's, "Wreck This Journal," showing various pieces of paper glued together, creating a fabulous collage of colors.

That’s right, this journal is made to be destroyed! Wreck This Journal is a unique spin-off of your classic self-journal. If you need to let out your inner creative demons, this book is perfect for you. Every page will give you a new writing/art prompt, but some of these requests may sound a bit over the top. Poke holes through the page, cover the whole book with tape and stickers, and let your inspiration explode all over the chapters! My only warning is for those who consider themselves to be a neat freak. You will be demolishing this book into bits, so maybe skip this one if messiness is not your thing.

365 Days of Creativity: Inspire Your Imagination with Art Every Day by Lorna Scobie

Front cover of Lorna Scobies "365 Days of Creativity," showing a yellow cover with blotches of blue and balck watercolor stains.

Need to start your day off with a little creative practice? This is the PERFECT way to get the ball rolling! Every page gives a unique artistic challenge that is not at all difficult to follow, yet still opens up your visionary door. This is especially good for you traditional artists! Feel challenged in watercolor, sketching, and all your favorite standard crafts. The best part is that you get a new task every day to keep your artistic eye open!

Unravel: A Poetic Journey to You by Rowan Ghaly

Front cover of Rowans Ghaly's "Unravel," Showing a delicate illusration of a persons face through one line.

Arts and crafts not your thing? No problem at all! Sometimes, while creative writing, I fall into a writing rut. Words just cannot seem to form, and I end up lost in countless trains of thoughts. When I can’t get my words on my paper, I try and find my creative self through poetry. I have loved poetry since I was in elementary school, and growing up, I discovered it is the best way to get my creative expressions rolling.

This is one of my favorite poetry books for finding that inspiration. Rowan Ghaly helps you dip into the pioneering waters with her magical words of wisdom. She writes as if she is calmly speaking to you and connects with your personal growth through her powerful storytelling. Unravel is a hit, and I recommend it to all you creative writers out there!

Invisible Things by Andy J. Pizza and Sophie Miller

Front cover of Invisible things by Andy J Pizza and Sophie Miller, showing a variety of illustrations such as a heart named joy.

(I had to include at least one children’s book, I couldn’t help myself!) This is for all the kiddos out there who are looking to create their own masterpiece! I absolutely love this book with all my heart. Andy Pizza and Sophie Miller write about the things we humans cannot physically see, such as feelings like hope and joy. They bring things we have never seen into their own creative illustration. It is quite inspiring as an adult, and it will bring out the curiosity of your child. This is such a fantastic read full of lighthearted content that will change your child’s creative persona to the best of their ability.

Enough of me rambling on. Get out there and find your next creative read! Inspiration is out there, all you need is to go searching. I hope these books will be a beginner’s guide and help you find your next inspiring read. If you have any creative-book favorites, we at Bookstr are dying to hear them. Please follow and message us with your recommendations on our Instagram page!

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