Five Prompt Ideas to Write a Letter For A Friend

Universal Letter Writing begins today which means its time for writing tips. If you want to write a letter to a friend here are five prompt ideas

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Writing a letter can be fun and is a communication skill we don’t use often. To make 2022 more meaningful here are five prompts of writing a letter to a close friend you care about.

1. What Reminded You of Your Friend Lately


Even thought its a new year, there must have been something on your mind when thinking of your friend. With the pandemic occruing in 2020 and up to now, its been hard seeing our greatest friends in person. You may be reflecting on the fun in 2019 or before that. Think of a specific reminder that recenlty came up when thinking of your friend.

2. Write Down Your Favorite Shared Memory

Another prompt idea is that you pick an iconic shared memory. You can go for lighthearted fun and pick a hilarious moment, or pick something serious that was meanignful to you from the bottom of your heart. It can be about an event or something super personal. You decide what memory can help you segway into an entire essay letter.

3. Name Five Things You Love about Your Friend


Giving your friends compliments on why your friendship has blossomed is a great letter idea. You may feel that they don;t know their value and worth in your life. Give them a reminder, especially during these hard time. Their company and relationship must mean so much to you, let them know in your own words through a letter that you took effort to put in the mail for.

4. What Do You Miss about Your Friend?

Another way to let your friend know how important they are to you, is to list some things you miss about them. Whether you use a memory as an example or characteristics, be specific and relay your feelings into the letter. This prompt can be about anything, get creative.

5. Write about the First Time You Met Your Friend


With this final prompt go into much detail as you can remember. Organize the order of the events that led to your meeting and continue on into how the friendship progressed. This letter will require specifics and this will show how true your friendship is. The letter will feel like a story that only you two share, and it will bring tears to their eyes.

Let’s make this year meaningful and full of good old words from the heart, written down by your own hand.

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